Scientology has to be one of the most enigmatic religions out there. Because it’s so popular in Hollywood, scarily enough, it’s become quite the powerful organization. David Miscavige is the current leader of the Church of Scientology — or Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center — and has generated an exorbitant amount of conspiracy theories both around his personal life and the religion he preaches.

With that mysterious territory, of course, comes a disturbing question about David’s marriage. His wife, Shelly Miscavige, hasn’t been publicly seen for over a decade, causing many to believe she has either disappeared or been “sent away.” Tons of people want to know: What happened to her and where is Shelly now? Keep reading to find out more chilling information about Shelly’s strange disappearance.

Who is Shelly Miscavige?

Michelle is the wife of David. The couple married in 1980 and since then, Shelly has taken on the role of Chairman of the Board assistant. Vanity Fair once called her “the First Lady of Scientology.”

Shelly is largely responsible for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage, as when Tom broke up with his former girlfriend Penelope Cruz, Shelly allegedly spearheaded a Church program with the goal of finding Tom a new girlfriend. Actresses were “auditioned” for an unknown project, the search for which eventually culminated in Tom dating and marrying Katie.

What Does Shelly Miscavige Look Like?

In 2016, a source came forward claiming to have spotted Shelly near the Church of Spiritual Technology in Crestline, California. The source claimed Shelly looked “thin,” “frail” and “almost like she was homeless.”

“She was a thin, smaller woman, escorted by two men,” the source revealed. “Disheveled. Almost like a drug addict, or like she was homeless.”

Is Shelly Miscavige Dead?

Shelly’s quiet vanishing act first set into motion Leah Remini‘s fallout with Scientology. The 47-year-old Kevin Can Wait actress first stirred the Scientology pot at the 2006 wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when she asked the whereabouts of Shelly.

“I asked innocently, ‘Where’s Shelly?’ because I thought it was odd,” Leah said on on Conan. “They were calling it the wedding of the century in the church… And with that there was a reaction of people just scattering. They didn’t want any part of this. Literally just scattered.”

“I had gone to the church and I asked the spokesperson at the time, Tom Davis, ‘Where is Shelly? I think it’s weird she’s not here,'” Leah continued. “And he said, ‘You don’t have the f–king rank to be asking about the leader’s wife.'”

Shelly has not made a public appearance since 2007. Though Leah filed a missing person’s report in 2013, LAPD has dismissed the case, claiming that the request was “unfounded” and that Shelly “was fine.” There is no evidence to suggest that Shelly is dead and she has been spotted a few times in the past three years.

In 2014, a report surfaced claiming that Shelly had been banished to a secret church facility after making executive decisions without consulting her husband, David. Business Insider reports Shelly “botched a corporate reorganization project” and “clashed with her husband” before being sent away.

Where is Shelly Miscavige Today?

It is speculated that Shelly is staying at a Church of Scientology compound deep in the woods in Lake Arrowhead.

“I do not [know where Shelly is now],” Leah continued. “I filed a police report. The person who was in charge of the case said that it was classified, which is not usual. They couldn’t give me any other information than, ‘She was fine.’ I needed proof, I wanted to know who spoke to her, was she alone, was she okay, are you sure, were you talking to a representative of her?”

“So I didn’t get those specifics and of course, the church is claiming I filed an unfounded report,” Leah added. “They used that to imply that I did it purposely and I knew where she was.”

What Did Jerrod Carmichael Say About Shelly at the 2023 Golden Globes?

The 80th Golden Globes host made a snub at Tom during the award show. While holding three Golden Globe awards, mimicking the trophies the Top Gun actor returned in 2021, Jerrod made an eerie reference to Shelly.

“I think maybe we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige,” the comedian said before the audience gasped and clapped in shock and agreeance.

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