Disgraced Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is currently behind bars serving his 15-year sentence for child pornography — but that’s not stopping hiim from messaging new victims online. The 40-year-old pedophile was reportedly caught using the Internet to message women even though he is a registered sex offender.

“Jared is emailing my friend and God knows how many other women and girls,” an anonymous source told Radar Online. “I think it’s gross they would allow child molesters access to the internet. Prisons should be monitoring it.” The outlet reached out to a corrections expert, who confirmed that prison rules prohibit child molesters like Jared from accessing the Internet.

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However, Jared allegedly sent multiple email messages dated Feb. 27. “I told her there is nothing fascinating about a child molester,” the source continued. “Especially one who is looking for new victims!” Previously, he was caught sending x-rated letters to a female pen pal. “Boobs are my favorite thing, you know?” he allegedly wrote in the letters obtained by Radar. “You can’t show boobs or p—y or anything like that. You know, I mean, but other than that it’s pretty much whatever.” He also asked the woman for explicit descriptions of her relationship with a female friend.

In 2015, Jared was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography and sex charges after he traveled for paid sex with a minor. Authorities identified 12 victims of child pornography in his native Indiana and two teenage victims of prostitution. Currently, Jared is seeking a new trial and $57 million in damages, claiming in a new lawsuit filed earlier this year that federal officials stole his Subway fortune from him during his trial. He also claimed that he received poor advice from his lawyers to plead guilty to “false charges” and to pay $1.4 million in restitution to his victims.

jared fogle getty images

Jared also petitioned President Donald Trump to help him get out of jail. In a letter exclusively obtained by In Touch, Jared attempted to downplay his crimes. “I made a couple of mistakes but nothing like the media reports have said,” he wrote. “They are making me into some sort of monster which is absolutely not true… I’m currently appealing my prison sentence and am hoping for the best with it. Bottom line, my director of my foundation and friend did some bad stuff and tried to throw me under the bus with him.”

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