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In a world where we can’t seem to agree on much, even the perfect pie is up for debate. But fear not, pie enthusiasts! The U.S. Tart Cherry Industry is here to settle the score with the first-ever Unity Pie!

Imagine a pie that’s not just a pie but a flavor fiesta, bringing together all your favorite pie flavors in one mouth-watering creation. Thanks to the magic touch of U.S.-grown tart cherries, this pie is a taste explosion that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

Unity Pie

Unity Pie isn’t just about flavors; it’s a slice of nostalgia, a journey back to family gatherings, traditions, and celebrations. These sweet-tart cherries are the superhero of pie fillings, swooping in to save the day and bring us all together. Combining the most loved flavors from around the country, the versatility of U.S.-grown tart cherries is the true cherry-on-top.

This pie is your ticket to a moment of chill in our crazy, fast-paced world. Picture yourself slowing down, kicking back, and indulging in a slice of cherry pie goodness. The sweet and tangy filling, cozying up in a flaky crust, is your VIP pass to a satisfying escape.

It’s not just a dessert; it’s a party on your plate, reminding us that sometimes, all we need is a delicious common ground. So, grab a fork and brace yourself for a flavor adventure—Unity Pie style!

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