After Tucker Carlson’s reputation was further tarnished in a new hacking scandal, sources say his former FOX News costars are petrified that they’ve been targeted, too, insiders dish! Panic swept FOX News offices after journalist Timothy Burke was arrested and indicted on federal conspiracy charge following humiliated leaked videos of ousted Tucker.

Burke had been under investigation since last summer when his home was searched by the FBI — but the charges didn’t drop until late last month. “The FOX News gang would all love to be celebrating Tucker’s latest embarrassment, but the big picture is causing them untold misery,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch. “They’re freaking out wondering who else has been hacked and what stupidity or sordid secrets could at any point be laid bare.”

Footage published by the left-wing watchdog group Media Matters of America included several hot mic moments of Tucker spewing unflattering, offensive comments. In one tape, Tucker trashes Dominion Voting Systems’ lawyer as a “slimy little motherf–ker” who “triggered” him. The voting machine company sued FOX News over falsely reporting the 2020 election had been rigged. The network eventually settled with Dominion for a staggering $787.5 million – and soon sent Tucker packing.

In another clip, Tucker says he doesn’t like FOX News’ subscription service FOX Nation because “the site sucks.” One video has Tucker tearing into colleagues for using gender preferred pronouns, and he moronically asks a FOX makeup artist “if pillow fights ever break out” in the ladies’ restroom.

And the hits keep coming! In another candid moment, Tucker tastelessly jokes, “I can never assess my appearance. I wait for my postmenopausal fans to weigh in on that.” Since being fired from the network last April, the talking head has launched his own podcast on X and got egg on his face for sucking up to bloodthirsty Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who actually mocked Tucker’s performance! “Even if Timothy Burke isn’t the one who leaked the footage, it’s clear Tucker and others have been systematically hit by highly trained cyber criminals who could dish whatever dirt they have at any given time,” notes the insider.

And with a presidential election looming, other big names at the network are said to be sweating bullets, including heavyweights Sean Hannity, Bret Baier and Greg Gutfeld. “It would make sense for the culprits to wait until around election time to publish any video they may have, when Hannity, Baier and Gutfeld will all be front and center,” explains the insider. “Tucker isn’t the only anchor to make stupid remarks when he thought his mic was off. Everyone does it. And now they’re all probably losing sleep trying to remember what stupid things they may have said, and how to spin it if it comes out. This could be an utter disaster. You can bet these guys are at least remembering to turn off their mics!”

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