Trusting her gut. Tori Spelling slammed haters who accused her of faking a health scare after she was hospitalized for symptoms including dizziness.

“Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night,” Tori, 49, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, December 21, alongside a photo of her resting in a hospital bed. “To all of you who gaslit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am.”

She continued to address those that insisted she was overreacting to her symptoms, stating, “How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness.”

Tori went on to justify her decision to work despite feeling under the weather. “Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum said. “I’m a hustler and a workaholic. I always choose work.”

Tori Spelling Slams Haters for Accusing Her of Faking Health Scare After Hospitalization
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram

She explained that she went to the hospital after being “low on oxygen,” adding that she was having a “hard time breathing, [with] high blood pressure and crazy dizziness.”

Tori concluded the update by sharing that the doctors were “running a battery of tests.” She added that she wanted to “get home to my kids” for Christmas.

The Scary Movie 2 actress has been open about her health in the past, while she previously gave insight into her decision to go under the knife for a breast revision surgery.

“They don’t know what’s in there until they get in there, basically,” she said on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live in December 2021, noting she had the surgery booked for February 2022. “So [the surgeon] is going to take them out, clean them up and put new implants in.”

The mother of five also admitted that she was having a difficult time choosing which size she wanted the new implants to be. “I couldn’t decide — he was showing me two different kinds and he was like, ‘Do you want a higher profile or moderate profile?’ I didn’t know [what] either [was],” the Kiss the Bride actress shared. “But he said, ‘You need some side boob because right now you’re just all projecting out front.’”

The topic came up again during a July 2022 episode of her Vizio WatchFree+ series, @Home With Tori.

“I do need to get them redone,” Tori told her eldest daughter, Stella, about the procedure. “They’re expired, recalled — they’re 20 years past due.”

Stella, 14, supported her mom by replying, “You do. It can’t be healthy.”

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