Oh no! Tori Roloff revealed on her Instagram Story on Jan. 7 that her son, Jackson, had a medical emergency during her family’s recent trip to Disneyland. No worries, though — he’s OK. But better safe than sorry, right? Check out the photos above to learn more about Jackson’s medical scare and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Tori shared a photo of Jackson on an exam room bed with the caption, “We’re supposed to be in Disneyland.” He doesn’t look too sickly in the shot, and in fact appears to be munching away on some crackers in the photo. Tori then explained in the caption of another photo that Jackson, “got nursemaid’s in line for Peter Pan.”


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Nursemaid elbow is a fairly common injury among preschool-aged kids “in which the normal anatomical alignment of two of the three bones that form the elbow joint is disrupted,” according to EMedicineHealth. Good thing they got it checked out!

Tori explained that the condition “had already been reduced by the time we got to Urgent Care but we got him checked out anyway.” And if the rest of her Instagram posts from that same day are any indication, Jackson was good as new in no time, and he and Tori, along with Jackson’s dad, Zach Roloff, continued their fun day at Disney with no more hiccups. Jackson even got to meet Mickey Mouse, who is his “favorite” according to his mama!

But Tori did detail how rough the day was in another Instagram update. “What a day,” she began. “It started out pretty miserable. Actually, it was great at first- driving to Disneyland getting in line for our favorite ride (Peter Pan). That’s where things went south. Jackson is prone to nursemaids elbow (could be a dwarfism thing or it could just be a Jackson thing). He was pulling away from me in line and it happened. I knew right away that we were in trouble and Jackson would need to see a doctor. I was so bummed.” She added, “We got to go back to Disneyland (with lots of cuddles and some Tylenol behind us),” so it all worked out in the end.

But if you’re still concerned about Jackson after this medical mishap, don’t fret too much. Nursemaid elbow reportedly “poses no long-term problems,” according to EMedicineHealth. It’s so common that it can easily impact a child again, but for now, Jackson seems good to go! We hope he had a great time at the happiest place on Earth.

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