Today show staffers are getting some extra help with facial recognition — they’re using flyers in a bid to ensure everyone can easily identify their celebrity guests and not flub their identities.

Incredibly, the morning show has now taken the unusual daily step of distributing headshots of famous people along with the spellings of their equally famous and better-not-be-forgotten names.

“You have to remember the show falls under the NBC News division,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch. “There’s a lot of staff covering politics and breaking news who might not be up to speed on pop culture. They don’t always know their Kardashians from their Real Housewives!”

Bobby Flay, Elizabeth Hurley, Serena Williams
Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Lionsgate and Grindstone, Taylor Hill/Getty Images

One recent official flyer — seen by In Touch — included the mugs of Elizabeth Hurley, Serena Williams and Bobby Flay, in case the staff got caught with their pants down on their knowledge of high fashion, tennis and cooking.

“To avoid confusion, all the guests booked in-studio each day get a headshot and name printed out and distributed,” says the insider. “It’s going to be hilarious the next time Beyoncé is in-studio. Let’s see if her headshot gets handed out too!”

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