Color block symmetry. Negative Space. Modern Marvels. Nail art has hit a sweet spot between everyday-wearable and occasion-worthy works of art. But creating these intricate looks at home takes a steady hand and the results don’t always last. Fortunately, we have an easier, long-lasting solution thanks to Japonesque and Artips Gel Nail Strips.


Wanna nail this on-trend look created by Teerah Lopez @embrace.nails.  Here’s how to get started.

The Prep:

The secret weapons to a long-lasting manicure are the right tools like Japonesque’s Essential Manicure Kit and Pro Performance Cuticle Nipper. Do as the pros do and spend time pushing back cuticles, completely removing all excess skin and buffing nails to a smooth surface.

The Essentials:

Japonesque’s Manicure Kit includes 5 essential nail tools. We love the clipper’s sharp blades that trim nails with precision and the handy nail stick is gentle yet effective at pushing back cuticles. $6.00. Available at Target and


Japonesque’s Pro Performance Cuticle Nipper. The precision hand-sharpened blades remove cuticles with remarkably meticulous results. $10.00. Available at Target and


The Finish:

These clever nail strips by ARTIPS are coated with real gel so they have a high-gloss, long-lasting finish. Non-toxic and vegan, they are amazingly easy to apply. Available at

• Size your ARTIPS nail strip (slightly smaller than your nail)

• Apply to each nail. Press firmly until all the edges lay flat.

• Gently file to the excess.


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