Debra Tate — the sister of Sharon Tate, the young actress who was killed by Charles Manson’s followers in 1969 — is speaking out about what life has been like for her since her sister’s death and what she fears will happen following Manson’s death.

“I get death threats every time we have parole hearings coming up,” she tells In Touch, exclusively.

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Sharon Tate was only 26 and nearly 9 months pregnant when she was stabbed 16 times by Manson family member Susan Atkins; Sharon begged for the life of her unborn son — the word “pig” was later scrawled in blood on her front door.

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Debra is speaking out after it was revealed that Charles Manson was hospitalized due to internal bleeding in his intestines. It was later reported that he was “too weak,” with experts believing the surgery would cause his death.

“I think we could have a murder spree again,” Debra tells In Touch of her fears. “I’m very concerned that there could be significant backlash from his passing. He has thousands of followers and every one of them is evil.”

The Manson family has been linked to many murders — including at least 12 unsolved homicides in the LA area, but Debra thinks there are even more murders unaccounted for.

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“I absolutely believe he’s murdered more people than what the public knows, he has a need to kill,” Debra explains. “I think he’s criminally crazy. The public should be afraid.”

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