A decade after her son Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Laci and their unborn child, Jackie Peterson died of cancer at the age of 70 — still maintaining his innocence. In the months leading up to her passing in 2013, sources said she wasn’t able to visit Scott in prison, but that she staunchly defended the former fertilizer salesman, who’s currently sitting on death row in California, until her last breath.

So what else do we know about the one-time TV actor? Well, she struggled with respiratory problems for years, and wore an oxygen mask throughout her son’s high-profile trial. She also served as the final witness for the defense when Scott was tried in 2004. According to People magazine, she sobbed, “He’s been painted as the devil. He’s not that! He’s never been that!”

jackie peterson getty images

Jackie and her husband Lee.

When asked by defense attorney Mark Geragos to describe her youngest child’s formative years, the mother-of-four stated that Scott “was overly cautious” when helping older people cross the street, and that he loved dogs. “He’s always been a nurturing, kind person all through his life,” she said. “He’s an exceptional young man. He’s not perfect, but he is a loving, nurturing, gentle person.”

Jackie (understandably) did not want to see her son put to death. “We would lose a whole family, both Sharon (Laci’s mother) and I. What a waste. It’s irreversible.”

Her words ultimately did not sway the jury. In 2012, a family friend told the National Enquirer that Jackie’s health issues weren’t surprising. “This is all Scott’s fault. Scott’s arrest took such a toll on Jackie’s health — it’s no wonder she’s so sick. This whole situation is literally killing her.” Now, it sounds like the only friend Scott has left in this world is his father, Lee. Even his sister, Anne Bird, said in an interview with NBC that she thought he did it…

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