This is heavy. On Friday, March 15, Jameela Jamil took to social media to release the first-ever episode of her new Instagram series, “I Weigh,” featuring singer Sam Smith. While the famous pair discussed a number of topics, it was Sam’s reflections on the downside of fame that really struck a chord with listeners.

Speaking with The Good Place actress, 33, the 26-year-old Grammy winner explained that he’s tried talking about how hard it is to be famous, but it was never met with empathy. “I sound so depressing when I talk about it. I have very, very passionate views on it. If I had the chance to do this all again, I would not do this. I wouldn’t,” Sam reasoned. He then went on to reference another pop star’s experience.

“When I talk about it, I feel so depressing — I remember George Michael talking about it — he talked about fame, he stepped away from fame. He took years out, had a fight with the label,” Sam noted. “Frank Sinatra wrote a letter to him, basically, being like, ‘Cheer up. Cheer up and enjoy your fame.’ And I read that, and it made my heart break because I can’t cheer up about it.”

Even so, Sam made it clear that he acknowledges his privilege. “It’s something that I’m, obviously, very lucky. I have money now, which I don’t necessarily think is lucky sometimes, because of the responsibilities.” Translation? More money, more problems.

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Sam concluded, “My views on fame, why I would not do it again, is because I died. Like, part of my life died …  no one treats me the same ever. I mean, my mom, my dad and my sisters do, but they also can’t because I’m not the same. The things that I go through every day are very different.”

Fortunately, the fan reactions couldn’t have been more positive and understanding. “Fell in love with him a little bit watching this interview,” one user commented. “This was a wonderfully frank and open discussion. I hope Sam Smith being so honest helps other young boys who struggle like he has,” added another.

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