A woman claiming to have gone on a “date” with Rex Heuermann — a.k.a. the Long Island Serial Killer suspect — recalled the eerie details of their alleged meeting. 

“He asked me if I’m a true crime fan,” Nicole Brass, a former escort, told the New York Daily News on Tuesday, July 18. “We talked briefly about other serial killers, then he said, ‘Have you heard of the Gilgo Beach murders?’ That’s when he got real weird.”

Brass, 34, went on to explain that she and Heuermann, 59, talked about the murder investigation at the time when police were searching the Gilgo Beach area in 2010 and 2011.  

“It didn’t seem like somebody who feels bad when he talked about the victims,” Brass alleged. “It seemed like somebody who really wanted to brag about what they did but couldn’t.”

Brass and Heuermann allegedly met on the escort site, Backpage, and met for dinner at the Streamroom restaurant in Port Jefferson, Long Island, she claimed in her interview. 

One day prior, Brass rehashed the alleged encounter in a TikTok video. She expanded on their dinner meeting further in the clip, alleging that Heuermann “was very detailed” in their conversation about the Gilgo Beach murders. 

“It seemed like somebody who, as they talked about it, they were reliving it in their head,” Brass claimed. “Like, he seemed excited, like it piqued his interest. He sat up straighter, he relaxed his body; he seemed really excited to talk about it. And what got me was he mentioned a body that wasn’t announced on the news yet, it wasn’t in papers, nothing. … So, that really weirded me out.” 

A mugshot of Rex Heuermann the Long Island serial killer suspect


At the end of their evening, Heuermann allegedly told Brass to “get in [his] car” and invited her to go back to his home in Massapequa. 

“I was like, “I don’t feel comfortable getting in the car with you. I don’t know you,” Brass said in her video. “And he was almost agitated and angry that I wouldn’t go in the car with him and that made me even more like, ‘I gotta get outta here.’ So, I ended up leaving. Thank God I trusted my gut. I left when that check came.” 

Less than a week before Brass came forward with her claims, Heuermann was arrested on July 14 in connection to the murders that took place in Gilgo Beach, Long Island. Multiple bodies were discovered in connection to several women who went missing between 2010 and 2011.

Heuermann was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and  three counts of second-degree murder in connection to the deaths of Amber Costello, Melissa Barthelemy and Megan Waterman.

Per the Suffolk County Police Department, Heuermann’s wife and children were not in town when he allegedly committed the crimes. 

“Rex Heuermann is a demon that walks among us,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said during a press conference that day. “A predator that ruined families. If not for the members of this task force he would still be on the streets today. Even with the arrest, we are still not done.”

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