He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed! Jenelle Evans‘ ex-fiancée and baby daddy Nathan Griffith finally revealed the real reason he got arrested in February, and it’s humiliating to say the least!

We already knew that the Teen Mom 2 star was charged with a traffic violation for “striking fixtures on or adjacent to highway — failure to report.” What we didn’t know was that the “fixture” was a gas pump nozzle that he forgot to take out of his car before driving away! His girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt joined him for an interview with Vince Russo, and spilled the beans on the situation. However, Nathan insists it wasn’t his fault.

He says he met a guy in the convenience store while filling up who tricked him into driving off with the nozzle in his car. “I don’t know if the guy was homeless or worked there or not,” he explained. “He looked like he was too clean to be homeless.” When Nathan got ready to leave, the man “came out… he actually screwed on my cap and closed it and he waved me on and said ‘Don’t worry about it,’ so I left.” Apparently he should have worried about it. The police later showed up to Nathan’s house, and he tried to level with them and pay up front, which they refused before booking him. He thinks they were tough on him because he’s famous and has a reputation as a bad boy.

“Honestly, I haven’t been high for the last year-and-a-half since I’ve been with [Ashley],” he said of rumors that he was drinking or doing drugs. “So when I actually did get arrested, I was very disappointed. I felt really sad. I felt really depressed. I told Ashley, ‘I just, I want to give up!’ It’s gets to that point because I do try to do the right things. I do try to have the ‘pay it forward’ attitude. It seems like I always find trouble or drama one way or another. I seriously try my hardest to stay away from it.”

nathan griffith arrested

Unfortunately, this isn’t Nathan’s first run-in with the law. Back in August, the 30-year-old was put behind bars after being accused of choking his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Henry.

An officer confirmed the arrest to Radar Online, “He’s here. He was arrested for possession of an open container and giving false information to law enforcement.”

nathan griffith - twitter

Recently, the TM2 alum took to Twitter to sound off on the news that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, was fired from MTV for targeting the LGBTQ community in a series of hateful tweets. While he never mentioned David’s name, it was clear that Nathan was referring to David’s disgusting comments about gay and transgender people.

“Please take care everyone! Especially, with the terrorist attacks in the east and the families suffering in Florida. God bless and remember that God is the only one that judges and loves all his children of all races, sex, personal orientation and belief,” Nathan — who shares son Kaiser, 3, with Jenelle — wrote.

The gym enthusiast went on to admit that he’s said regrettable things in the past but has adopted a more accepting attitude in recent years. “I know there are some things I have said out of pure ignorance on my part,” he continued. “And if I have offended or hurt anyone out there, I am truly sorry and the door is always open to vent or even ask for advice.” Here’s to hoping he learned something from this arrest too!

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