Hot mama! Natalie Nunn makes pregnancy look so good!

The Bad Girls Club star has managed to only gain 20 pounds during her pregnancy so far, thanks to her No Payne No Gain 90-day challenge. Natalie sat down with In Touch and shared her secrets on staying sexy with a baby on the way!

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You look amazing and we’ve heard you’ve barely gained 20 pounds?

Thank you and yes I have only gained 20 pounds and I’m seven months pregnant. In my third trimester now!

How have you managed to stay in shape during your pregnancy?

Although I’ve had morning sickness days when I just feel terrible, tired you name it I have stuck to my fit and pregnant workout challenge which is walking leg exercises and arm exercises. All these fit and pregnant workouts I have on my challenge have helped maintain my shape and body while pregnant.

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Did you ever get discouraged?

Yes, the first trimester was really hard for me to keep any food down so I felt the lack of energy to actually do much of anything. But even if I was on a trail walk and I felt nauseous I would just keep pushing through and take it slow and easy.

Tell us a little bit about your program and have you changed it at all since you became pregnant?

I have the fit and pregnant challenge which is a by trimester day to day workout challenge that you can follow to help maintain and keep pregnant women active. It’s great. It’s available on my website.

natalie nunn pregnant
Natalie Munn

How did you stay fashionable during your pregnancy?

All my clothes are stretchy which makes it comfortable for me to wear and go about my day. As long as there’s some stretch to it I can totally have fun with it. Also I think its important to have fun with your wardrobe while pregnant show off your bump no need to hide it, it’s a beautiful thing.

You are having a girlie! Have you picked a name yet?

Yes, a girl. No name picked out yet we have been playing around with different names to see what we really like. But nothing one hundred percent yet!

What is your advice to other women out there who are struggling to lose weight?

My advice to other women would be take it one day at a time. You have to try different things if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and nothing different has happened it’s time to try something new. Maybe a new workout routine and a new diet. But trying something new won’t hurt not trying anything at all is what’s hurting you!

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What is your advice to a pregnant woman or those planning to get pregnant who are scared it will take them back in their weight loss or exercise program?

A lot of women get worried that they put in so much hard work with their bodies that when they get pregnant it will take them back to square one. Not 100% true my body has changed while being pregnant but I’ve been maintaining my body by doing some kind of exercises and staying active every day.

What is your due date and are you counting dow the days?

Yes I am counting down the days I can’t wait to hold my little princess. She will be here April 16 Easter Sunday!

We heard you have a baby shower planned — what do guests have to look forward to?

We are having a star-studded baby shower with all our family and friends! I’ll be having a beautiful formal tea party with the ladies before hand to kick off the baby shower, tons of baby show games, a 30 person photo booth, DJ for some fun dancing and Jacob and all the guys will be joining in with the festivities.

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