As if Natalee Holloway’s mother hasn’t been through enough already, she is now allegedly suing Oxygen, after the television network asked her to submit DNA as part of a televised investigation. TMZ reports Beth Holloway claims they tricked her into submitting a sample of DNA after they claimed they discovered what they believed were the missing woman’s remains in Aruba.

According to TMZ, Beth allegedly states in the lawsuit that she was told that they found remains they believed to be her daughter’s, which is why she submitted DNA. She now allegedly says that they never found any remains, and she is “horribly embarrassed” and never would have participated had she known the truth. She is also allegedly suing on behalf of her daughter using the legal theory called “outrage,” which is in — in its most simplified definition — when someone suffers hard from another person’s intentional infliction.

A spokesperson from Oxygen has since reached out and released a statement, standing by their investigation and programming. “We were disappointed to learn of the complaint and its inaccurate depiction of how the series was produced, and we want to reiterate our deep compassion and sympathy for all members of the Holloway family. The documentary series was developed by a production company in close collaboration with Dave Holloway and his long-time private investigator. The show followed his continued search to find answers about his daughter Natalee from a lead he had received. We had hoped, along with Mr. Holloway, that the information was going to provide closure,” the statement said. “We cannot comment further on ongoing litigation.”

As followers of the case likely remember, both Natalee’s father, Dave, and the family’s personal private investigator, T.J. Ward, worked in conjunction with the production after getting a tip from a police informant. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Dave Holloway explained that he felt that this could be a real, plausible lead — and he would not have involved his family unless he felt it was legitimate.

In the interview, he explained how after a 2015 lead about the Marriott Hotel turned out to be false, he promised himself he’d never put his family through the exhausting process of chasing a lead only to be disappointed again unless it felt strongly there was something that could be real. “How many of those things can you go through? I swore to myself — right then — that I would never involve my family and lay out their emotions on a lead ever again. And when this one came up, I briefly mentioned it and I slapped my mouth,” he said. “I said, ‘Look, no matter what, I can’t bring my family into this and expose them to another potential devastation.’ So T.J. and I kept it among ourselves, and I said to myself, ‘If anyone is going to take the fall for this, it’s going to be me. I’m not going to allow my family to even know about this and eve get involved emotionally only to be crushed again.’”

At the conclusion of the series, an expert determined that — of the four bone samples found as part of the investigation, only one was human. Of that human bone sample, it was found not to be a mitochondrial DNA match to Beth, and — therefore — it couldn’t be Natalee’s.

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