Sister Wives stars Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown reflected on the early days of their spiritual marriages to Kody Brown while reviewing past scenes from the hit TLC show.

“Looking at the things he was saying about me, like, ‘I didn’t know I was in love with you for this reason’ or you know, ‘I love you for this reason,’ it’s like—yeah, yeah you did,” Meri, 52, said during a current confessional, as seen in a clip from the upcoming December 24 Sister Wives Look Back: How It Started special released by E! News on Friday, December 22. “Remember that you did.”

In the throwback footage, Kody, 54, spoke highly of his relationship with his first wife before their breakup, saying, “There’s a lot that I loved about Meri.” However, the Brown patriarch admitted that he “didn’t know that [he] loved her” at the time.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, ​54, whom he wed in 1993 and split from in December 2022, also seemed happy in their marriage during an old confessional from the show, saying at the time she saw their relationship continuing “until [they] die.”

Reflecting on her past comments, present-day Janelle said, “Kody and I were always very good friends, so we had a lot of discussion, a lot of companionship,” adding that at the time she “didn’t perceive that changing.”

“Kody and I’s strongest foundation was that we were friends,” she added. “I mean really, truly, we were very good friends.”

To Kody’s third wife, Christine — whom he split from in November 2021 after 25 years of marriage — the videos from her early days with Kody prove that although their marriage didn’t last, there were some short-lived happy times to look back fondly on.

In response to an old clip of Kody gushing that their relationship was “very well established on the lightness of life,” Christine, 51, said, “Some downs were really low, some ups were really high. And that was a high. It was definitely a high, it was great.”

“We were probably getting along for a couple of weeks there,” Christine, who wed new husband David Woolley in October, added, ending her quip with a laugh.

In his own new confessional, Kody described his past statements about his relationship with Christine as him simply being “optimistic” about “work[ing] things out,” saying, “When you’re together, even if it’s not good, you do your best.”

“Okay, on the state that Christine and I [are in] here, we’re acknowledging the struggle we’re having and we had one good day,” Kody continued about a throwback scene, seeming to emphasize that the good times with Christine were few and far between. “So, now we’re talking about, ‘Oh, now it’s better, we had this one good day.’”

After calling it quits with Meri, Janelle and Christine over the course of 14 months, Kody only has one remaining wife, Robyn Brown. During a December 7 interview with People, Kody admitted that he and Robyn were “mourning” the departure of their former sister wives from their plural family.

Despite this, Kody said during the December 17 episode that he is not “interested” in welcoming another wife to their currently monogamous marriage, claiming he feared he wouldn’t love another woman as much as he loves Robyn.

Sister Wives Look Back: How It Started airs on TLC Sunday, December 24, at 10 p.m. ET.

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