It’s been more than 28 years since Lyle Menendez and his brother, Erik Menendez, brutally murdered their parents in what can only be described as one of the most horrifying crimes ever committed. Yet people still have questions surrounding the case — like what happened to their psychiatrist, L. Jerome Oziel, the person they confessed their killings to.

According to The Rolling Stone, Erik went to meet with Jerome in Oct. 1989 and admitted what he and Lyle had done. When Lyle found out about Erik’s confession, they threatened to kill Jerome if he told the police. This was just one major turn of events that led to Erik and Lyle’s arrest for the murders in 1990. Get to know more about Jerome below:

He testified in the trial

Normally, Jerome would not have been able to testify because of the doctor-patient relationship, but he claimed that the brothers threatened his life. During the trial, Jerome said Erik and Lyle told him, “We just get turned on with planning the murder. Once we start, nothing gets in the way.”

His mistress, Judalon Smyth, was an integral part of the trial

At the time of Erik’s confession, Jerome was having an extramarital affair with Judalon Smyth, who initially told police that she had listened in on the Menendez brothers saying they killed their parents with a shotgun, the Los Angeles Times reported. Yet she testified during the trial that she had not heard them say that, nor had she heard their confession “from their own mouths.” She claimed she had been brainwashed by Jerome, so she couldn’t be responsible for the inconsistencies in her testimony.

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He was stripped of his psychology license

In 1997, Jerome had been accused of breaking confidentiality rules and having sex with female patients, so he surrendered his license to the state Department of Consumer Affairs’ Board of Psychology. He agreed to the arrangement because he no longer lived in California and had not practiced psychology for the last few years, according to his attorney, Bradley W. Brunon. “It just made no sense to come back to California and spend many thousands of dollars defending a license he doesn’t use in a state he doesn’t reside in,” Bradley stated at the time.

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