Some jobs are just too big for Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nasiff to handle.

On Tuesday night’s Botched, they faced transgender woman Katella Dash, whose life goal is to resemble a blow-up doll. She has already spent close to $100,000 in her lifetime to achieve said goal.


“When I first had gender reassignment surgery, I wanted to look more feminine,” she told cameras. “So I said to myself, ‘what is the ultimate in femininity? It’s a plastic sex blow-up doll.’”

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She walked into her consultation with sex toy “Katella Two” in tow, explaining she wanted her 38H breasts enhanced to a 38MMM. Katella also sought surgery for her already-oversized lips and another nose job.

“I’ve had doctors that will decline doing a lip lift on me because they said that food would dribble out of my mouth because it wouldn’t close all of the way,” she says. “I don’t care! I’ll eat through a straw.”

dr. dubrow dr. nasiff

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nasiff of ‘Botched.’

This was obviously baffling for the docs, who also had to deal with her sexual innuendos as they tried to examine her professionally. She started shaking her breasts up and down, before making suggestive faces with her mouth to Dr. Nassif.

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The ‘E!’ stars wound up rejecting her requests, stating more surgery could possibly kill her. And in the end, Dr. Nassif referred her to a psychologist pal for professional help.

Hear more of Katella’s story in the video below!

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