We're willing to bet that Nicki Minaj probably feels like she dodged a huge bullet! Her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill spent three months under house arrest just last year for violating his probation stemming from an arrest in 2008… and he just did it again, according to TMZ! This time won't be as comfy, he was sentenced to at least two years (up to four) in jail. Real jail. Cold, hard, metal-bars jail.


Meek appeared in court in Philadelphia on Nov. 6 for two recent arrests: one for getting into a fight at an airport in St. Louis, and one for recklessly driving a motorcycle through the streets of NYC. Interestingly, both charges against him were dropped, but the judge says that by simply being arrested in the first place, he was violating his probation. The rapper was immediately taken into custody with no time to get his affairs in order.

Meek's 2008 charges just seem to keep following him around. He was arrested at age 18 for drug dealing and firearms. He spent a few months in jail and was released early. However, in 2012 he violated his parole and lost his travel permit. He violated it again in 2013 by not notifying the court that he was travelling, and was forced to take etiquette classes (yes, really.) In 2014 he went back to jail for five months for again failing to report his travel plans. Just one year later he violated his probation yet again, and got the house arrest, plus six more years of probation. When will he ever learn?

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