Throughout the ’90s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were America’s most popular set of twins. But over the past decade, fans have started to wonder what happened to them. The fashion designers have increasingly become more reclusive, only coming out of hiding for the occasional walk down the red carpet or to support their brand, The Row.

Ever since the twins retired from acting when they were 18, their world has been a bit of a mystery — which is why we decided to poke through their private bubble and answer the questions that have followed the Full House stars for years. Below, every single question you’ve ever had about the twins, answered.

Why don’t the Olsen twins don’t act anymore?

The twins retired from acting once they hit adulthood simply because they were over it. “Listen, I used to be in the entertainment industry,” Ashley said in 2009. “I decided at 18 that I don’t really want to do this anymore. I wanted to explore other things, and with that came The Row.”

Their last major film together was 2004’s New York Minute. While Ashley has not acted since, Mary-Kate has done a little acting throughout the years, appearing in Weeds in 2007 and the film Beastly in 2011.

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Did the Olsen twins get plastic surgery?

Neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley has spoken out about plastic surgery, but fans have been speculating about the twins going under the knife for years. However, according to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks, who has not treated the twins, he thinks their different appearance is due to smoking, not surgery.

“I would say that technically the majority of the changes we see could be due to accelerated aging associated with nicotine products, tobacco, or other environmental factors, as [Mary-Kate] is a known smoker,” he told Life & Style in 2018.

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Why were the twins not on Fuller House?

After Fuller House debuted on Netflix in 2016, fans were upset when they realized Michelle Tanner wouldn’t be making an appearance.

“You’d have to ask them,” John Stamos told Howard Stern in 2016 about why the Olsens declined to appear on the show. “They seemed … they were very, very sweet. They seemed very into it. They just were afraid of acting. They don’t consider themselves actresses. I said maybe you guys will just be in New York and we’ll do a phone call or something and they were like, ‘Let us think about it,’ and it just wasn’t for them so.”

Did the Olsen twins like being famous?

Neither of them have outright said they aren’t fans of the spotlight, but they’ve both candidly explained fame wasn’t all rainbows and fun. “I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all,” Mary-Kate told Marie Claire in 2010. “I would never wish my upbringing on anyone… [We were] little monkey performers.”

However, Ashley’s opinion on fame has been less harsh. “I am so proud of what we did,” she said in 2011. “We made kids smile every day. But we had done the most we could do.”

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How much money do they have?

The twins reportedly have a combined net worth of $500 million thanks to the royalties they continue to collect from their acting gigs. Additionally, the two own successful fashion brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James, which are beloved by Hollywood’s elite stars.

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Are the Olsen twins married?

Mary-Kate married French banker Olivier Sarkozy in 2015, but she filed for divorce from the businessman in May 2020. According to court documents, Mary-Kate claims Olivier terminated the lease on their NYC apartment without her knowledge and feared he would get rid of her belongings if she didn’t vacate their marital home.

As for Ashley, she’s been dating Louis Eisner since 2017 after years of friendship. In July 2019, they sparked engagement rumors when Ashley was spotted with a ring on her finger. Since then, there has been no update on their plans for marriage.

Why are the Olsen twins so private?

According to their publicist, Michael Pagnotta, their decision to live a private life stems from their experience in college. “They’d been kind of hamster-wheeling their lives, and through the first year of college, when they got to NYU, they actually met people who had a different take on the world. They maybe got a different sense of what their future might be. And maybe it wouldn’t necessarily be in acting.”

While we’re disappointed we don’t get to see more of the twins, we are happy to hear they are doing their own thing and loving it.

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