There are probably weirder Christmas gifts out there, right? Making a Murderer‘s Steven Avery certainly has his share of fans, and his kin is taking advantage of that by offering Steven Avery merchandise to benefit their family. If someone is a huge Making a Murderer fan, or just a fan of true crime in general, one or more of the items could make a great Christmas gift, we suppose.

Steven’s niece, Carla Chase, acts as the Avery family spokeswoman, and runs a Twitter account with information about Steven’s case and family updates. She posted a link to Avery merchandise on that account on Dec. 1, and wrote, “As some have seen, we brought back the ‘We all live on Avery Road’ merchandise. The family wants to thank you so much for the sales so far. This is the only merchandise that the family receives any proceeds from so please be careful where you buy from.”

Because if you’re going to buy merchandise to support the family of a suspect for rape and murder featured in a Netflix series who may or may not be wrongfully convicted, you should make sure it’s from a legit source.

Avery is the subject of Netflix’s wildly popular true crime documentary, where he is portrayed as a seemingly harmless man who was wrongfully convicted for the 2005 rape and murder of a photographer, Teresa Halbach. As such, he has a lot of fans who feel he deserves justice, and it makes sense that some of those fans may want to do something to support him, his family, and the show. Hence, merchandise that would look great under your Christmas tree.

However you may feel about the Avery case and about Making a Murderer in general, this is kind of a brilliant marketing idea for the Avery family. And there are certainly people out there who will want an Avery hoodie or beanie hat, so why not offer it to them?

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