Everyone is eagerly awaiting for justice to prevail in the case of David and Louise Turpin — California parents who were accused keeping their 13 children locked up and living in abuse — including Louise’s own sister, Elizabeth Flores. Ms. Flores appeared on Good Morning Britain and detailed the current mental state of her sister, who Flores said believes “she didn’t do nothing wrong,” despite allegedly keeping her children locked up and disconnected from the world, allegedly denying her children basic human rights like basic hygiene and food.

“We’re searching for answers just like the rest of the world,” Flores confessed. “We really don’t know what happened. That’s why we’re seeking out answers just like you are.”

She said she recently paid her sister and brother-in-law a visit in jail, where her sister is said to be delusional; Flores told the GMB hosts that she thinks she’ll evade jail and life will soon go back to normal, suggesting the two sisters “[are] going to play board games again,” like they did while they were children. However, that seems unlikely if law enforcement — and the entire world demanding justice for the abused children — have their way.

On Jan. 14, the parents were arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and torture after two of their children were able to break free and report the abuse they endured at the hands of their parents. Later, on Jan. 18, they were changed with 12 counts of torture, 12 counts of false imprisonment, seven counts of abuse on a dependant adult, and six counts of child abuse; additionally, the father was charged with one charge of lewd act on a child under 14. The couple has since pleaded not guilty to all the charges, but are currently facing a maximum of a life sentence in California.

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Since leaving their parents’ captivity, the couple’s 13 children — who range from ages 2 to 29 — have been able to enjoy life with their newly found freedom, even as they’ve been receiving treatment for malnourishment, among a host of other issues they experienced as a result. In speaking to the family’s local newspaper, a lawyer appointed to represent the adult siblings has said their treatment has been “more like ebing on a cruise ship than at this hospital,” explaining they’ve been enjoying life as they continue to grow stronger, both mentally and physically.

“Most of all, they’re looking forward to being independent and coming up with a game plan for their life,” attorney Jack Osborn said. “They want to finish school, they want to have careers. They look forward to going out to movies and shopping and eveything else people their age are doing.”

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