Calera, AL was shaken on Jan. 13 when local mom Kathleen Dawn West was found slain and partially naked outside of her home in the suburbs at 5 a.m.. Two weeks later, the death has been ruled a homicide, but no arrests have been made. However, Kathleen's shocking secret life as an adult model has come to the forefront of the investigation, as police try to determine whether it may have contributed to her murder.

Kathleen Dawn West ran her own subscription-based adult site.

The 42-year-old had a website under the name of Kitty Kat West where she posted risque photos, and promised even more naughty snaps for a subscription fee of $15.99/month. Police have not given any information as to who they believe her killer might be, but people online seem to think a deranged fan or stalker from her site may have taken her life.

Kathleen was a devoted wife and mother.

Kathleen described herself as a "Full Time Wife & Mommy," and often posted photos on Facebook with her middle-school-aged daughter, and husband of 14 years, Jeff. The blonde beauty could be seen building snowmen with her daughter and pampering the family's two dogs, as well as celebrating Christmas with her family like any mother. Kathleen was also very close to her father and mom Nancy, who made the only public statement about the tragic murder from the family.

"It seems so impossible for the extreme sadness and grief we feel as the loss of our beautiful daughter Kat to ever diminish or decease," she wrote on Facebook. "However, the Lord is our hope and our salvation, and he can turn our mourning into comfort. God wants to encourage us and relieve(sic) our sufering if we will just go to him at all times. And his word is powerful enough to bring healing and solace even during our darkest hours."

"My Family asks for your prayers and support in our time of loss," she continued. "My beautiful daughter Kat was not just my daughter but a cherished wife to Jeff, as well as a loving mother to their daughter. So much negativity is out there, but with God all I see and hear is the goodness of my Kat. My family and I ask for help in the services to lay our daughter to rest with the good Lord, to where she will be guideng her daughter and husband through this. If you're not able to make a donation we ask for prayers."

Kathleen was beloved by the community.

Kathleen was also an important part of a tight-knit town. She exercised in a local gym until a couple of months before her death, and owner Austin Lockhart explained to Fox 5 that "She'd come in, do her thing and leave. She kind of kept to herself. She'd wave and smile. She was a nice lady." Others were worried about what this means for everyone else. "This child doesn't have their mother anymore," cried neighbor Xavier Lee. "Don't know why, don't know what happened, that led up to the incident, but to wake up to that news, it makes you think. It's shocking that it happened so close to home, so all you can do is worry and think about your family, and that's all I've been doing."

The community is desperately trying to solve the case.

Both online and locally, the community is coming together to try to solve Kat's murder. Multiple Facebook pages and reddit threads have popped up trying to piece together what may have happened to Kat. Some blame a stalker, others Kat's husband, while some think it may have been an accident. We will keep you updated when more information is available!

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