On January 7, 2024, Jordan Willis invited his friends ​David Harrington, Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney over to his ​rented home in Kansas City, Missouri, to watch the Chiefs game. ​Willis’ guests ​left his home late that night, but they never returned to their homes. Two days later, the Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead in Willis’ backyard. While the police have said they found “no obvious signs of foul play,” families of the victims aren’t so sure.

How Did the Kansas City Chiefs Fans Die?

The bodies of the three men were discovered on January 9, after McGeeney’s fiancée, April Mahoney, when she drove to Willis’ house after McGeeney didn’t return home. Mahoney reportedly knocked repeatedly on Willis’ door, but when he failed to answer, she broke into the basement. It was then that she noticed McGeeney’s body on the back porch and called the police. According to Fox 4 News, after the police arrived, they discovered Harrington’s and Johnson’s bodies in the backyard as well.

On January 12, Harrington’s mother, Jennifer Marquez, told Fox 4 in Kansas City that when the police arrived Willis answered the door and later told his family that his friends “froze to death.”

Toxicology Report Reveals Details About Kansas City Chiefs Fans’ Deaths

On February 1, Fox 4 News reported that the toxicology report showed that there were “several” substances in the bodies of the three men. The Kansas City Police Department continued to reiterate that there were no signs of foul play, but an official cause of death had not been released as of February 2.

What Has Jordan Willis Said About the Kansas City Chiefs Fans Deaths?

Suspicions about Willis mounted shortly after the news of his friends’ deaths were reported. Internet sleuths far and wide began to pick apart Willis’ story, and eventually the HIV researcher hired criminal defense attorney, John Picerno. Willis himself has not released any statements, but Picerno has done so on his behalf.

“The basic scenario is they had watched the Chiefs game in a couple of different places. They went back to his place afterwards to play some video games and hang out,” Picerno told News Nation on January 22. “And at some point during that process, he got tired and he fell asleep. … When he woke up, they were gone.”

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Found Frozen to Death in Jordan Willis Backyard
Jordan Willis/GitHub

However, Picerno’s statements on what exactly happened that night have varied. The Kansas City lawyer said in another statement that Willis walked his friends to the door before going to sleep.

In an article posted on the attorney’s website, Picerno also added, “Willis hadn’t received calls or texts from the loved ones of his friends prior to the police showing up at his home. Two people came to Willis’ home, but he didn’t hear them because he sleeps with headphones and a loud fan.”

Kansas City Chiefs Fans’ Families Speak Out

Harrington’s father told Fox News that he’s “not buying” the story about Willis being asleep and not hearing the phone calls from the victims’ family members and that he “doesn’t believe anything [Willis’] attorney says.”

“[Harrington’s mother] and I are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow,” Harrington’s father said on January 25. “We just haven’t figured out how yet. . . . What else could it be? Perfectly healthy men don’t just drop off the face of the earth.”

Ricky Johnson’s brother Jonathan Price believes there was more than just alcohol in the victims’ systems.

“If I were to give a hypothesis… for the three men to die in the way that they did, something had to have been in their system,” Price told People on January 24. “Whether or not it was taken knowingly, I wouldn’t answer that.”

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