When Teen Mom was first introduced to the masses, they were hoping to show the realities and hardships that came along with being a young parent — and as we’ve learned over the years, it is no walk in the park. While the show has since come under fire in recent years for glamorizing teen pregnancy — and showing lifestyles that are supplemented by MTV salaries and not at all relatable for “real” teen parents, there was a recent moment that — for me, personally — was like looking a mirror: Jenelle Evans recently took to Instagram to brag about all the awards her three-year-old son Kaiser won at school. And one of them happened to be the prestigious “Hot Lunch Annihilator.” And honestly I felt that.

Of course, allow us to first recognize that our little homeboy also took home some other seriously impressive awards; he also earned the titles of Energetic, Super Hero, and Most Improved. All good things. But honestly, there is only one award that I care about, and that is Hot Lunch Annihilator.

Sure, some people say that we live in the era of participation trophies, and that this is a shining example of awarding kids just for the sake of making them feel "special" and included. But to that I say bulls–t! Do you know how hard it is to deal with a child who is a picky eater?! I mean, I don’t, personally, but I have definitely met a lot of people who are absolute pains in the ass when it comes to ordering at a restaurant!

Plus, this kid is putting down hot lunch at school. It has been a long time since I’ve been in an elementary school cafeteria, but I can say with confidence that putting all that down is no small feat! And what’s worse than someone who doesn’t finish all the food on their plate just for the sake of looking like you didn’t eat it all! At my core, that’s the kind of nonsense that I’m not willing to stand for — and it makes me so proud, touched, and energized to see the younger generation mobilize about a cause I find to be so, so important! It’s truly inspiring, and it really restores my faith in not only humanity, but also the youths.

Of course, we have a ton of questions about this; what’s your favorite hot lunch? Has school lunch improved since I was your age? What’s your advice to younger people who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Neither Kaiser nor his rep could be reached when asked for comment by In Touch Weekly. Likely because he is too busy celebrating his tremendous victory. Well, that… or he’s three years old.

I have already decided to applaud Kai's big win tomorrow by skipping the same salad that I eat every single day for lunch (spinach with apples, grapes, red onions, tofu, and blue cheese — if you're curious). Instead, I will eat a hot lunch! In your honor!

Congrats again Kaiser! Keep up the incredible work! We’re all so proud of you and inspired by you!

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