It’s not often that Jose Baez is at the center of attention — typically, he’s there alongside some of his most famous (and infamous) clients, such as Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez. But the attorney stepped in to the spotlight for a profile for Esquire, and in it, he addressed claims that the late NFL player, who took his own life while behind bars had a prison lover while locked up.

“I’m literally shocked that more convicts didn’t come forward and claim that they were best friends with Aaron and that Aaron left them money,” Baez told Esquire of Kyle Kennedy, the man who came forward claiming that he was Aaron’s lover and that one of the three letters left in the 27-year-old’s cell was for him. Baez added, “I can guarantee you it was not for Kyle Kennedy or any other person outside of [Aaron’s] family.”

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Shortly after Aaron’s death, it was revealed that at least one of the letters was written for his fiancée and mother of his child Shayanna Jenkins. In it, he wrote, “Tell my story fully but never think anything besides how much I love you. This was the sumpremes, the almightys plan, not mine! I love you!” In it, he also cryptically wrote, “YOU’RE RICH,” which led to rampant speculation about why he intended his own life.

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Even Shayanna expressed shock at his suicide. In her first interview after his death, she told Dr. Phil that Aaron appeared to be in good spirits in the time leading up to his death. She said, “I felt like we were looking so bright. We were going up a ladder to a positive direction.”

With the inclusion of the remark about being rich, many people began to speculate that Aaron killed himself in an effort to gain some financial security for his fiancée and young daughter. But Baez denied that it is black-and-white. He explained he meant “rich with love.” Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Kyle Kennedy.

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