Jon Gosselin has admittedly put on some pounds amid his relationship with Stephanie Lebo. The former reality star opened up about how his lifestyle as a DJ also contributed to his recent 35-pound weight gain.

“I just got complacent with my health,” Jon, 46, told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m in a comfortable relationship. I love my girlfriend, Stephanie. We just eat whatever we want, do whatever.”

Working as a DJ four to five nights a week until the early hours of the morning has also taken its toll. “It’s the nighttime lifestyle,” he admitted. “I just kind of, like, gained weight. It just kind of happened.”

He also said, “We live in Pennsylvania in a very rural area. We eat at gas stations. You guys don’t understand that. Like, we have awesome gas stations. We got Wawa. We got healthy choices there. It’s just, like 3 [a.m.] What are you going to eat? You’re exhausted. You have another hour to drive … I don’t eat for, like, 12, 14 hours. So I’ll eat dinner at 3 [a.m.], then drive to a gig.”

jon gosselin on weight gain amid comfortable relationship

Jon had dropped to 200 pounds before his recent weight gain and said he’s hoping to weigh 175 after working with a Beverly Hills-based doctor on a treatment that helps reduce body fat.

“I go to places where I am twice as big as everyone,” he admitted. “This is the first time I had to buy XL! And XL doesn’t really fit me because I’m short. I’m 5’8”. The sleeves are too long. Like, you got to have tailored clothing. Why should I even go through that when I could just change my lifestyle?”

Heart disease also runs in Jon’s family, which is another reason he wants to lose weight and get healthier. Plus, he’s ready to take the next step with Stephanie, 35, whom he started dating in 2021. “I have future plans with her but I want to be in the best shape of my life,” he explained. “She loves me for who I am, dad bod or whatever, but in my mind … you know, we all see ourselves as 25 and fit. That’s where I wanna be.”

He confirmed that a proposal is “coming” but said he’s focused on bettering himself first. “I have plans,” he added. “We have a house together. But I want to get this figured out, my health.”

Jon and Stephanie didn’t go public with their relationship until August 2023. At that point, they had already been dating for two years. “My previous relationships would all go well in the beginning but then they’d move to miscommunications and secrets,” he explained at the time. “Trust has always been an issue. But not this time.”

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