So awk! Season 8 of Counting On premiered last night, and there’s a lot of exciting new adventures in store for the Duggar fam — from new courtships to enagements, marriages, and babies. TLC cameras followed newlyweds Joe Duggar and his wife Kendra Caldwell on their honeymoon to Greece, and not only did they say “It’s all Greek to me” way too many times to count, but they also revealed a pretty awkard detail about how they spent their alone time once they became husband and wife.

“The first time we were together alone was really different, we were like, ‘Wow this is strange.’ But I think after just a few days, we got used to it and it and it just became more of the norm. So, it wasn’t very hard at all and we enjoyed it!” Kendra explained. “It’s been great that we’ve been able to spend time together alone and be able to kiss and practice that and everything, and not just hold hands and side hug. We’ve got the whole kit and caboodle.”

As fans know, Duggar kids are given very strict rules to follow during their courtship and they’re all meant to make sure that they don’t engage in any sort of premarital activities — since that’s a huge no-no, according to their fundamentalist Christian faith. But once a Duggar becomes a married man or woman, they are free to do as they please with their partner — which usually results in procreating ASAP, like Joe and Kendra did. They actually concieved their son Garrett David Duggar during their honeymoon, and he was born just last month.

During the episode, Joe and Kendra were enjoying a Dinner in the Sky date in Greece when one of their fellow diners struck up a friendly conversation with Kendra. When Kendra revealed that she is a newlywed, the diner asked Kendra how many children she was hoping to have with Joe.

“We’re planning to have as many as the lord gives us, so I don’t have a number,” Kendra said. Well, it looks like they’re off to a great start.

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