Now that Investigation Discovery is revisiting the case of Jodi Arias — the woman who brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008 — with its new series Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery, true crime fans are obsessing over all of the gory details. Her trial painted Jodi as a sex-crazed, jealous stalker who killed her ex-lover after their split because he planned to go on a trip with another woman — but another ex-boyfriend named Darryl Brewer took the stand and testified in Jodi’s defense, and he claimed that the Jodi he knew was not someone who was capable of committing such a vicious murder.

“I saw that change she’s unrecognizable to me now as to the Jodi she used to be, she never talked like that, she never lied and had that disrespect, she was not manipulative, she was not evil,” Darryl revealed in an interview after the jury delivered their verdict and found Jodi guilty of first-degree murder.

Darryl took the stand on Day 10 of the trial, and he gave a full testimony about his relationship with Jodi. He explained that he had met Jodi in 2001 when they were both co-workers at a restaurant in the luxury resort Ventana Big Sur. They eventually started a romantic relationship and at one point, Jodi even lived with Darryl and his son but they split up in 2006 and remained friends.

Jodi would meet Travis at a convention in Las Vegas in 2006, but Darryl never met Travis and was unaware of his relationship with Jodi. In May 2008 — just weeks before Travis’ murder — Darryl testified that Jodi had called to ask him for gas cans for her upcoming trip to Mesa, AZ — which is where Travis was living at the time of his death. He also claimed that she called him the day after Travis’ death and she sounded distraught.

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Darryl portrayed Jodi in a positive light during the testimony and he even denied that she had acted violent or jealous about other women during their relationship, according to his testimony transcript. But it wasn’t enough to spare her and in 2014, Jodi was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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