Jimmy Kimmel slammed Aaron Rodgers after the NFL player hinted that he would be one of many celebrities on Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous list. The list, made up of hundreds of court documents, is to be released in the first few weeks of 2024 and will include alleged ​coconspirators, alleged perpetrators and alleged victims and witnesses ​of Epstein’s sexual assaults, according to ABC. But this isn’t the first time Kimmel and Rogers feuded over the topic.

What Did Aaron Rodgers Say About Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein?

On January 2, 2024, Rodgers appeared as a guest on The Pat McAfee Show where he made comments about the list of people supposedly connected to Epstein.

“There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, really hoping that doesn’t come out,” Rodgers remarked.

The Jets quarterback also implied that he would be excited to see whose names grace the list.

“I’ll tell you what, if that list comes out, I definitely will be popping some sort of bottle,” Rodgers quipped.

The list is set to be released by January 22, 2024, and will reveal 150 people who associated with the late sex offender, Epstein, according to Newsweek.

Jimmy Kimmel Slammed Aaron Rodgers in a Tweet on X

Kimmel took no time in responding to Rodgers’ damning remarks.

“Dear A–hole: for the record, I’ve not met, flown with, visited, or had any contact whatsoever with Epstein, nor will you find my name on any ‘list’ other than the clearly-phony nonsense that soft-brained wackos like yourself can’t seem to distinguish from reality,” Kimmel wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) on January 2, 2024, while quote-retweeting media personality Collin Rugg’s tweet discussing Rodgers’ comments. “Your reckless words put my family in danger. Keep it up and we will debate the facts further in court.”

This wasn’t the first time Kimmel has called out Rodgers for inflammatory comments. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host previously joked about another one of Rodgers’ appearances on The Pat McAfee Show in March 2023.

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“Did you hear about the Epstein client list about to be released?” Rodgers said to McAfee. “There’s some files that have some names on it that might be getting released pretty soon.”

Kimmel took the chance to rib the Super Bowl 45 winner by saying that “it might be time to revisit the concussion protocol, Aaron.” The father of four also referred to Rodgers as a “tin-foil hatter.”

McAfee took the opportunity to respond to the comments Rodgers made after Kimmel’s response to the situation.

“I can see exactly how Jimmy Kimmel felt especially with his position, but I think Aaron was trying to talk s–t. Now, did it go too far? Jimmy Kimmel certainly said that was the case,” McAfee said in the January 3, 2024, episode of his show. “We obviously don’t like to be associated with anything negative ever. We’d like our show to be an uplifting one, a happy one, a fun one, but it’s because we talk s–t and try to make light of everything.”

The longtime host continued, “Some things obviously people get very pissed off about, especially when they’re serious allegations. So, we apologize for being a part of it. I can’t wait to hear what Aaron has to say about it. Hopefully those two will just be able to settle this, you know, not work-wise, but be able to chit chat and move along.”

Jimmy Kimmel Slams Aaron Rodgers in Brutal Monologue

The ABC late night talk show host lit into the NFL superstar during his first show of the new year on January 8. “Either he actually believes my name was going to be on Epstein’s list, which is insane, or the more likely scenario is he doesn’t actually believe that, he just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated,” Kimmel said in his opening monologue

He continued, “We learned during COVID, somehow, he knows more about science than scientists. A guy who went to community college, then got into Cal on a football scholarship and didn’t graduate. Someone who never spent a minute studying the human body, is an expert in the field of immunology. He put on a magic helmet, and that G made him a genius. Aaron got two As on his report card, they were both in the word ‘Aaron,’ OK? Can you imagine that this hamster-brained man thinks he knows what the government is up to because he’s a quarterback doing research on YouTube and listening to podcasts?”

Kimmel said Rodgers “is too arrogant to know how ignorant he is,” and that he would accept an apology if offered, “But I bet he won’t.”

Aaron Rodgers wears a Jets jacket and beanie during a game against the Patriots.
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Pat McAfee Removed Aaron Rodgers From His Show

Rodgers clapped back on The Pat McAfee Show on January 9, 2024, after Kimmel’s scathing monologue and said he doesn’t “give a s–t” about what Kimmel says about him. This ultimately led McAfee to address the situation on the January 10 episode.

“‘Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays’ season 4 is done,” McAfee said. “There will be a lot of people that will be happy with that, myself included, to be honest. With the way it ended, it got real loud. I’m happy that that is not going to be in my mentions going forward, which is great news.”

“Aaron Rodgers is a Hall of Famer, he’s a four-time MVP. He’s a massive piece of the NFL story; whenever you go back and tell it, he will be a huge part of it,” McAfee continued. “We are very lucky to get a chance to chat with him and learn from him. Some of his thoughts and opinions, though, do piss off a lot of people, and I’m pumped that that is no longer gonna be every single Wednesday of my life, which it has been for last few weeks.”

Aaron Rodgers’ Most Controversial Moments

Rodgers himself hasn’t been a stranger to controversy over the years, most notably when he claimed he was “immunized” against COVID-19 in 2021. In reality, he had not actually been vaccinated.

“Had there been a follow-up to my statement that I’d been immunized, I would have responded with this: I would have said, ‘Look, I’m not some sort of anti-vax-flat-Earther. I’m somebody who’s a critical thinker,’” Rodgers later told McAfee when he appeared on the show. “I march to the beat of my own drum. I believe strongly in bodily autonomy, [in the] ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something.”

Then in 2022, the Green Bay Packers backup quarterback DeShone Kizer said in an appearance on “The Breneman Show” podcast that Rodgers once pushed him to question the 9/11 attacks.

​​“He shut the door, and the first thing that comes out of Aaron Rodgers’ mouth was ‘Do you believe in 9/11?’” Kizer recalled. He said that Rodgers wanted him to “‘read up on that’” and to “go back and look into some of the conspiracies around it.”

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