In Touch has exclusively learned that more brands whose advertisements appeared on episode two of Jill & Jessa: Counting On have told TLC that they don’t want to be associated with this (or any) Duggar show!

  • Wrigley: The candy giant’s ads for Skittles were run by mistake.

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“It is never our intent to endorse content that could offend our consumers,” a rep confirms, adding that “any ads” aired during “shows featuring the Duggar family” were an “error.”

  • A rep for the site says, “The ad ran in error and Ring will not advertise during that show in the future.”
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  • Combe Inc.: “When we heard that our ad aired during Jill & Jessa: Counting On, we decided to adjust our media plan,” a rep for the company, which manufactures Vagisil, explains.

  • Credit Karma: The company explains it bought screen time as “part of a larger package. We will not be advertising on this show in the future.”

  • The e-commerce company says that while it “didn’t explicitly block” Counting On at first, they “have since corrected that.”

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  • RCN Corporation: A rep for the cable and phone provider reveals it “did not intentionally choose” to run an ad during Counting On.

  • X Out: A commercial for the acne treatment product ran during episode two.

“That should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that show or the people associated with it,” X Out said in a statement, adding that it doesn’t select specific shows on which to advertise.

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  • Chattem, Inc.: Spots for the company’s ACT Kids Batman Rinse and Children’s Nasacort ran “in error” during the show.

“Chattem has never purchased advertising during any Duggar programming,” a rep states.

In Touch exclusively reported in last week’s issue that seven brands whose ads appeared during the premiere of Counting On were not only surprised but so unhappy they took action to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

  • Cici’s Pizza: A rep for the chain explained, “Cici’s prides itself on being a family-friendly restaurant. We recently made a large advertising buy on cable television that spanned several networks but did not target any particular program. When we learned one of our ads was placed adjacent to controversial programming, we took immediate action to stop it.”

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  • The UPS Store: The company explains it made a large media buy as well.

“It was not our intention to advertise on the program. This specific program is [now] on our list of exclusions as well as any other potential Duggar programming,” said a rep.

  • Whitewave Foods: The brand has pulled its Silk Milk ads after one episode.

“We have decided to no longer advertise this show moving forward. We are always listening to our consumers, whether it be to continuously enhance our products or carefully choose where to advertise.”

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Duggar Family Blog

  • Choice Hotels: The company removed its advertising from 19 Kids and was unhappy to learn one of its ads ran during Counting On.

“We are not a sponsor or an advertiser on any TV shows or specials about the Duggars,” Choice Hotels said. “If any ads run, it is an error of the network as our advertising agency has directed them to remove our advertising from the show.”

  • Mattress Firm: “After learning that we had two ads run during the premiere of the new TLC show Jill & Jessa: Counting On, we have instructed TLC not to air any future paid units during this show,” said Casey Zuber, director of communications for Mattress Firm.

Media expert David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Visions, says TLC is going to have a tough time getting advertisers for Counting On.

“The Duggars are radioactive right now,” he explained. “People will see that this new show is just a desperate ploy by the Duggars to reclaim the spotlight and hopefully make some dollars off the public.”

  • Verizon Wireless: A rep said the company made a “direct response buy, which means we did not have control over where the advertisement ran. We never intended to advertise on the program or on TLC.”

  • Pure Michigan: The state’s tourism arm also wants nothing to do with the Duggars.

“The Pure Michigan ads were not supposed to air during this program, and we were disappointed to hear that they had,” a rep confirmed. “We contacted TLC immediately after learning about this mistake, and have been assured no Pure Michigan ads will run on this program moving forward. The Counting On program does no meet our brand guidelines.”

Now, with so many companies pulling their ads off the show, TLC is left to air promos for other TLC programs instead of paid ads.

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