Jeremy Renners Ex Sonni Pacheco Demands Over 500K in Back Child Support Fees Amid Divorce Battle

Jeremy Renner‘s ex-wife Sonni Pacheco says he failed to pay more than half a million dollars in back child support payments and is now demanding that the Avengers star fork over the money to pay her attorney’s fees and other costs in their ongoing divorce battle.

In recently filed documents exclusively obtained by In Touch, Pacheco, 29, alleges Renner, 49, asked the court to lower his child support payments, seeking redress for her efforts to ensure the safety of their 7-year old daughter, Ava. Pacheco claims the actor has refused to pay about $503,000 in child support payments.

“Jeremy has further retaliated against me by withholding and refusing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support that he was ordered to pay me by April 1, 2020, forcing me to use what little resources I have to pay for Ava’s housing and expenses to maintain her lifestyle without Jeremy’s additional support,” Pacheco says in her declaration.

In the affidavit, Pacheco asks the court to order Renner to pay more than $100,000 in attorney’s fees and other costs just weeks after the Hurt Locker star filed a request with the court to lessen his monthly child support payments. The actor said several of his film projects have been postponed due to the coronavirus.

The former couple came to a child support agreement in April 2018 in which the Bourne Legacy actor agreed to deposit payments for Ava’s education-related expenses, as well as childcare, medical and school-related costs. The agreement stipulates that Renner’s annual payments would not exceed $200,000, but any amount over that limit would go into a trust fund for Ava that would be available when the child turns 27.

However, in previous court documents filed in May, Renner accused Pacheco of misappropriating nearly $50,000 of their daughter’s trust fund. Pacheco, a sculpture artist and model, denied those allegations and said her ex is “effectively seeking to pay support to himself to unilaterally control my expenses for Ava.”

In her recent declaration, Pacheco says their contentious divorce left her unable to seek work as a real estate agent after Renner “dragged” her name through the mud. “I had several clients refuse to work with me as a result,” Pacheco claims.

Although she still has her real estate license, Pacheco says she is supporting herself and Ava by selling her sculptures. The constant litigation with her ex, however, has drained her resources, Pacheco adds.

“I have been scraping by due to all my funds going to pay attorney fees in connection with ongoing concerns about Jeremy’s conduct and its potential impact on Ava’s safety and well-being, and now Jeremy is trying to further reduce Ava’s support,” Pacheco claims in her declaration. “The bottom line is, I have minimal resources, almost no savings and minimal income. … Jeremy is enormously successful, makes millions of dollars per year (over $700,000 per month, according to his more recent Income and Expense Declaration) as a world-renowned actor, and owns millions in real estate and other assets.”

Pacheco and Renner married in January 2014 after their daughter’s birth the year before. The model filed for divorce in December 2015, and their split has since been contentious.

Pacheco also writes in the declaration that Jeremy verbally and emotionally abused her during the marriage, and told her several times that he wished she was dead. Pacheco says she did not seek a restraining order against Renner because she was afraid he would retaliate against her.

Both have filed for sole legal and physical custody of Ava in court before coming to a custody agreement in February. However, Pacheco says the actor has not been complying with some of the conditions of the agreement, which is causing her further anxiety for their child’s safety and welfare.

“I do not know if Jeremy is doing this intentionally to force me to incur more attorney fees to seek court intervention to enforce his compliance, as he has done in the past, or if it is to cause me emotional distress,” Pacheco claims.

In Touch has reached out to Renner for comment.

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