For the love of acting? Issa Rae admitted she smoked a “real joint” while filming her HBO hit show, Insecure, during the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour for HBO and individual shows on Wednesday, January 15, in Los Angeles.

However, the brunette beauty revealed how she came to the decision in the first place. “One, we live in California. It’s legal,” the 35-year-old reasoned. “But two, I think we’re on HBO, there’s a TV MA rating, so if anyone who is not supposed to be watching is watching, then you’re a bad parent. I think that’s what it comes down to,” she said while laughing.

Prentice Penny, who is a producer on the show, admitted that they want the comedy to relate to what others are going through but don’t need to put in raunchy content all the time. “Yeah, I mean, I think we always view our show as we’re just trying to be honest to the people and the age and the culture of what they are,” he said. “Now, I think we don’t try anything reckless for just reckless sake. When we have a character be reckless, I think we’re trying to tie that into the story or what the emotional moment is about. But I don’t think we ever go like, ‘Oh, this is sensational.’ We’ve actually pulled back a lot of things that are sensational for sensational sake if it doesn’t have anything to do with our actual story or the world in which we’re diving into.”

Issa Rae on a HBO Panel
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Issa — who is the creator and star of the critically acclaimed series — also dished about what people can expect when season 4 returns in April. “I think this season is about our characters leveling up, entering that next phase in their life when they’re deciding to be intentional about a lot of the decisions they’re doing,” she explained.

At the end of the day, the Stanford University graduate is grateful that the show resonates with so many people. “It’s really flattering,” she gushed. “We talk a lot about this all the time. It doesn’t feel like four years. I remember when I was like, ‘HBO, y’all gonna greenlight this, or do I have to go back to Koreatown to my job?’ Like, come on. It’s humbling, and it’s really exciting that people are so invested in the series. It’s amazing.”

Keep the laughs coming, girl!

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