Proud wife! Gwyneth Paltrow was “beaming with joy” while attending the 2020 Writers Guild Awards West Coast Ceremony with her husband, Brad Falchuk, on Saturday, February 1, an insider exclusively tells In Touch. The writer/producer was honored with the Valentine Davies Award at the WGA Awards, and a source reveals Gwyn, 47, “lovingly watched” as Brad, 48, accepted his award.

“Gwyneth watched with admiration and recorded Brad’s speech on her iPhone while sitting at their table.,” the eye-witness tells In Touch. “It was so cute how proud she was and really sweet seeing Gwyneth watch Brad with such love. She was all eyes on him, you can tell she’s a loving and supportive wife. She looked in awe.”

The American Horror Story writer received the special award, which is given to a member of the Writers Guild of America West “whose contributions to the entertainment industry and the community-at-large have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere,” according to the Writer’s Guild Awards’ official website.

“I think it’s easier to accept an award for your work, for decent work, but an award for humanitarian efforts that have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere is a particularly daunting and specific challenge,” Brad said during his speech. ” I think I’m supposed to say something profound, life-changing up here in response to it, but all I’ve really been thinking about is, ‘What have I done to deserve this award?’ And I don’t say that with humility, not that I’m not deserving of it. I mean, clearly I’m doing something right that people think I’ve brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere. But to me, it was initially important that I had answered this question, both for my own [peace] of mind, and for the speech I’m giving now. ‘So, perhaps,’ as I thought, ‘maybe it’s about how I measure my day.’ When I get home at night and my wife asks me, ‘How was your day, honey?’ How do I determine that answer?”

He went on to explain that as a writer, he wants the power to tell the stories he wants to tell but he also wants to create work that helps to “expand” his family, his community, the world and humanity as a whole.

At the end of his speech, the former Glee writer dedicated his award to two very important people in his life: his father and Gwyn.

“And finally, to my beautiful wife, who agreed to come with me tonight, I’m really not big on awards, and I think she’s my favorite, most important teacher, and friend, and my favorite human being,” Brad gushed. “And I think the reason why I don’t really care much about awards is because I have the greatest prize right there. So thank you, I love you. And thank you all!”

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