In this week’s issue of In Touch, respected medical professionals speak out, defending Dr. Jen Gunter’s claim that Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, GOOP, is giving women bad information.

In May, Dr. Gunter wrote a scathing blog post in which she called GOOP’s health advice “medical bulls–t” — and Gwyneth fired back with a tweet on July 13 that read, “When they go low, we go high,” — sharing a link to her company’s blog post slamming naysayers.

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“We consistently find…that there are third parties who critique GOOP to…bring attention to themselves,” the post read, taking a direct jab at San Francisco OB-GYN Dr. Gunter.

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GOOP’s post then added, “It is unfortunate that there are some who seem to believe that they already know it all. Being dismissive of practices that women might find empowering or healing seems like the most dangerous practice of all.”

Other respected doctors agree with Dr. Gunter, like Tampa, FL-based OB-GYN Dr. Jill Hechtman who says, “It’s ridiculous. People listen to Gwyneth because of her celebrity status, [but] she’s spreading non-factual information. She has no merit to the words she uses — and it’s quite dangerous.”

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“Giving [women] bad information hurts them,” says Dr. Gunter, adding that she believes the site is “abusing” its platform and “selling fear” and “misinformation” to make a profit. “Addressing GOOP errors is not disrespecting women,” she wrote in response to GOOP’s personal attack. “It’s pointing out the f–king truth.”

Some of GOOP’s posts simply give credence to unproven and scary medical theories. In 2015, the site repeated a long-debunked myth that there may be a link between wearing a tight-fitting bra and cancer.

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“It’s not true. We undermine research and discredit people with breast cancer when claims are put forth without valid evidence,” says Orlando, FL–based Dr. Jason Littleton.

Diane Dean, who now works as a cancer research fundraiser, adds, “As a cancer survivor, I can attest to being overwhelmed by the articles filled with miracle cures. But science saved my life. Curing problems via New Agey products is goofy at best and dangerous in many circumstances.”

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“Science is evolving. We believe there should be room for questions and alternative solutions and an open and constructive and civil dialogue,” a GOOP spokesman explains — but doctors shred that line of thinking.

Dr. Gunter reveals that she’s had breast cancer patients contact her after reading GOOP’s post, fearing that they may have caused their disease.

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