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The beauty industry is experiencing a renaissance in sustainability right now. More and more brands are embracing the idea that beauty and skincare are ultimately just different forms of health and self care. How we treat our health overall will affect our skin and how healthy it looks. How you protect your skin will also affect its overall health. It’s also difficult nowadays to know what the latest techniques and trends are, so we’ve compiled a list of great beauty recommendations from leaders in the industry. 

With any beauty routine, we like to remind our customers that a little bit goes a long way. Makeup and beauty accessories should be just that; accessories and accents to highlight the best features about you. We’re not trying to hide our face, but rather, enhance what we already have. Every person is unique and has different qualities to highlight, so lean in to those whenever possible! 

Courtney Buhler, CEO & Founder LashPRO Academy

Confidence is key when it comes to feeling good and looking great. The more confident our customers can feel in their daily lives, the more we feel like we’re doing our jobs well. Our goal is to offer practical solutions to real problems such as ED and hair loss, issues that commonly affect our customers’ confidence. By reclaiming the things that are important to you, you’ll feel more confident and like the way you look. 

Jeremy Gardner, CEO MadeMan

When you look good, you feel good. That’s what we believe at Blink Bar and the eyelashes you choose should be no exception. We were founded on the desire to find natural looking and feeling eyelash extensions and offer a solution to a problem that many women spend lots of time and money trying to solve. Always search for the products that are going to lift you up rather than drag you down! 

Tirzah Shirai, CEO Blink Bar

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, skipping your nightly skincare routine can worsen any skin conditions you may have. Washing your face before going to bed removes dirt, oil, and unwanted grime from the day. The build-up from this can lead to blocked pores, inflammation, and blemishes. And it’s best to wash your face with your hands. Using rough washcloths, abrasive pads or exfoliating scrubs can aggravate your skin, causing acne or rosacea flare-ups.

While practicing your daily skincare routine is essential in maintaining a healthy glow and keeping your skin in good condition, it can also serve as a relaxation ritual. A face wash with a calming botanical aroma such as lavender can help reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness, allowing you to have a better night’s rest. So, it’s important to take your time and follow your routine step-by-step morning and night.

Jared Pobre, Co-Founder Caldera Lab


It’s not thought of as directly related to skin care, but your daily hydration plays a big part in the health of your skin. Stay hydrated to make sure that your skin stays natural and healthy and the rest of your body is getting the nutrients it needs. What we put into our body will always find a way to show itself on the outside, so make sure you are hydrating! 

Sheila Chaiban, CEO One Ocean Beauty

More and more skin care companies are using new formulas to combat animal testing and animal products in the beauty industry. Our formula is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free, and we recommend that anyone looking for a skin care solution search for companies that share our values in changing the ingredients used in these products. 

Michael Scanlon, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Roo Skincare

The most important skin care product, more important than moisturizer and toner combined, is sunscreen! The sun is our skin’s biggest enemy and can cause irreversible damage later in life. This is the biggest way you can take care of your skin on a daily basis. 

David A. DiLorenzo, President Valentino Beauty

Whatever you put in your body will affect your skin and how you look on the outside. That’s what we believe at Loli, and it drives our product research to make sure we are using organic, recycled and environmentally friendly ingredients in our products. Make sure whatever you are eating follows those same guidelines! Healthy, organic and environmentally sustainable foods are better for us and promote better health overall 

Tina Hedges, CEO Loli


Natural cleansers and soaps have been absolutely wonderful for us at Follain. Many soaps and shampoos contain unnecessary chemicals that can harm our skin and kill important bacteria and cells that help keep us healthy. Use natural soaps to wash your body and face to keep your skin feeling healthy and natural. 

Tara Foley, CEO Follain

The beauty industry is, thankfully, becoming less about looking different that you are and more about highlighting the things that make us beautiful as individuals. Many beauty companies are leaning towards offering subtler, more natural products that contain healthier ingredients and many are also understanding that less is more when it comes to beauty and beauty products. 

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