The ghostwriter of Janice Dickinson’s 2002 book has confirmed exclusively to ‘In Touch’ magazine that the model told him Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her.

Janice’s charge that Bill knocked her out and raped her in 1982 has added to the growing allegations against the star. Her credibility was attacked by Bill’s attorney, who pointed out that her story contradicts her book and an interview she did in 2002.

But Janice’s ghostwriter, Pablo Fenjves, backs up that Janice told him about the assault when they were writing her 2002 book and that she wanted to include it, but he nixed the idea.

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Fenjves told ‘In Touch’ exclusively: "Janice told me this story years ago, when I was helping her with her first book, ‘No Lifeguard on Duty.’ She told me that Bill Cosby had invited her to Tahoe to talk to her about her career, but he had other plans.

"She shared many of the details with me, and she was visibly shaken by the memory, but I told her that we wouldn't be able to use any of it. I knew the lawyers at HarperCollins weren't going to risk it. 'It'll be your word against his,' I told her. 'It doesn't matter that every word is true. He's a powerful man, and he'll do whatever it takes to protect himself.'"

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Cosby's representative could not immediately be reached for comment.

Fenjves, a longtime Hollywood writer, was a neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson and testified in the O.J. Simpson double murder trial.

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