Barbie’s bank! Barbie Ferreira has made an impressive amount of money since booking the role of Kat Hernandez on EuphoriaKeep reading to find out her net worth and how she makes money.

What Is Barbie Ferreira’s Net Worth?

Barbie has a net worth of $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How Did Barbie Ferreira Get Her Start in Acting?

She made her acting debut while appearing as Ella in two episodes of HBO’Divorce in 2018. She went on to book the role of Kat on Sam Levinson’s Euphoria in 2019.

The New York City native’s only other acting credit on television is as a guest star in a 2022 episode of Apple TV+’s The Afterparty.

Meanwhile, Barbie made her film debut in the HBO Max original movie Unpregnant. She also acted as Nessie in Jordan Peele’s 2022 horror film Nope, while she will next appear in the upcoming supernatural horror film House of Spoils.

She appeared in Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video for “Boy Problems” in 2016, followed by Gus Dapperton’s music video for “Prune, You Talk Funny” in 2017.

Barbie’s Bank! Find Out ‘Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreira’s Net Worth and How She Makes Money

How Else Does Barbie Ferreira Make Money?

Before Barbie made it big as an actor, she first made a name for herself as a model.

She began her career by sending modeling photos to an American Apparel open casting call when she was a teenager. After booking her first gig, Barbie went on to model for brands including Aerie, Adidas, Asos, Forever 21, H&M, Missguided and Target.

In 2016, Barbie made headlines when unretouched photos and a video interview from her Aerie campaign went viral. She was later included on Time’s “30 Most Influential Teens” list for that year.

She also spoke to the outlet about embracing her curves. “When I was younger and really interested in acting, I would look at all the women on TV, and even the ones who were supposed to be ‘geeks’ or ‘less attractive,’ they all looked similar because they were extremely attractive and their bodies were all a certain way,” she said at the time. “I didn’t relate to it one bit and I thought I looked frumpy and I feel like a lot of girls see that because we don’t want to feel excluded from the rest of the world. The media should portray what we are as a society.”

Barbie went on to discuss the “overwhelmingly positive” perception of the campaign. “I’m so delighted to be accepted by most people. They can relate to it because people are bored with the standards that are out there. I’m glad people can feel better about themselves,” she added.

Will Barbie Ferreira Appear in Season 3 of ‘Euphoria’?

After starring on Euphoria for two seasons that aired in 2019 and 2022, Barbie confirmed that she will not return to the series for season 3.

While taking to her Instagram Story on August 24, 2022, Barbie said that “after four years of getting to embody the most special and enigmatic character Kat, I’m having to say a very teary eyed goodbye.” The post included artwork by her Euphoria castmate Hunter Schafer.

“I hope many of you could see yourself in her like I did,” she wrote. “And that she brought you joy to see her journey into the character she is today. I put all my care and love into her and I hope you guys could feel it. Love you Katherine Hernandez.”

Barbie continued to talk about her exit from Euphoria while appearing on the April 3, 2023, episode of “Armchair Expert” podcast.

“I don’t think there was a place for her to go,” she said about her character. “I think that there were places you could go. I just don’t think it would have fit into the show. I don’t know if it was gonna do her justice. And I think both parties knew that. I really wanted to be able to not be the fat best friend. I don’t want to play that and I think they didn’t want that either.”

Barbie added that it was “a struggle to find a continuation” for Kat.

“I just felt like maybe I overstayed my welcome a little bit. So for me it actually felt good to be like, ‘OK, I get to not worry about this and we both don’t get to worry about this,’” she continued. “Because Sam writes for things he relates to. I don’t think he relates to Kat. I relate to Kat. So I had to follow my own path.”

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