It’s been almost 22 years since six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was murdered. Now, Steven Pitt, a prominent forensic psychiatrist who dealt with high-profile cases including JonBenet’s, has also been killed. He was shot outside of his office on May 31 in Scottsdale, AZ, along with four other victims in the surrounding area. The man who allegedly killed these people, Dwight Jones, became a prime suspect in the case after Richard Anglin, a retired investigator currently married to Dwight’s ex-wife, Connie Jones, had a hunch that her ex-husband was behind the murders.

Anglin went to the police and explained how all of the victims somehow connected to Connie’s divorce — including Pitt who evaluated Jones in 2010 after he was arrested in 2009 on a domestic violence charge, CBS News reports. (Connie claimed that Jones allegedly pushed her up against a wall, hit her, and threatened to kill her in their family home.)

According to court records, Pitt testified in court that Jones had anxiety, mood disorders, and symptoms of a paranoid personality during the couple’s divorce proceedings. He also claimed that Jones didn’t have remorse for others, didn’t conform to social norms, and acted aggressively. The testimony was cited in the case that led to Connie gaining full custody of the couple’s now 21-year-old son.

But, Pitt isn’t the only victim here. According to The Arizona Republic, Jones allegedly shot Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson, paralegals who worked at the law office that represented Jones’ wife during their divorce case. He also allegedly killed a marriage-and-divorce counselor named Marshall Levine — but this murder is suspected to be a mistake. Levine’s office was once occupied by another counselor who dealt with Jones’ son during the divorce trial, so police believe Jones was actually targeting him.

dwight jones
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

There were two additional killings in an affluent neighborhood in Fountain Hills, AZ, where a man and a woman were found dead inside their home. Jones is believed to be connected to these murders as well, as he was seen driving around the area and disposing a .22 calibar gun stolen from the couple’s home.

When Connie’s now husband — the retired investigator — told police about his theory, they zeroed in on Jones at an extended-stay hotel in Scottsdale. Before they could enter, law enforcement heard gunshots coming from inside and later found Jones’ body. According to Sergeant Ben Hoster of the Scottsdale Police Department, “The SWAT team set up on the room. They were able to enter using robot and other tactics to determine that the suspect had killed himself with an apparent gunshot.”

At this point, it’s unclear why Jones allegedly went after all of these people who were connected to his divorce so many years later. As for the victims, family and friends have started to remember Pitt for the work he did for forensic psychology and the cases he worked on. Phoenix police Lt. Bryan Chapman, who had become incredibly close with Pitt over the years, said, “He was the hardest working person I ever met.”

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