The royals may be focusing on damage control in the wake of Prince Andrew‘s interview about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, but one of the family members is having a harder time than others. According to a palace insider, Duchess Meghan (née Markle) has been particularly struggling. Though Andrew recently stepped away from his public duties, the former actress isn’t feeling any better.

[Prince] Harry and Meghan are keeping themselves to themselves, but Meghan is particularly disgusted by Andrew’s actions,” the source exclusively told In Touch. “The way he’s behaved goes against everything she stands for!”

The insider hinted while Meghan is distraught about Andrew’s alleged behavior, other members of the royal family are more focused on the public backlash. “Some of his family members have gone ballistic over his connection to Epstein and are concerned his actions could destroy the family’s reputation and years of hard work,” they said. “The Epstein scandal is causing havoc at the palace.”

As for the prince himself, he’s continuing to cause drama as he tries to handle the situation. “Andrew wanted to get his side of the story out there by doing the BBC interview and planned to continue going about business as usual. He didn’t want to step down from royal duties but didn’t really have a choice.”

During the interview, however, the prince did take the opportunity to deny the allegations against him. He claimed he had “no recollection” of a specific night in question, and further explained his schedule contradicts the accusations. “On that particular day, that we now understand is the date which is the 10th of March, I was at home,” he said. “I was with the children … Because the duchess [of York] was away, we have a simple rule in the family that when one is away, the other one is there.”

But Meghan might have an unlikely ally amid the scandal. In Touch was exclusively told by a palace insider that Duchess Kate (née Middleton) is also “mortified” by how the events have played out. “[Prince] William and Kate can’t believe how foolish Andrew is to have associated himself with such a monster,” they shared. “They said that from the beginning, when news broke about the scandal, and are shocked by the way he conducted himself in the interview and his lack of remorse. They think he’s brought shame upon the family.”

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