It’s been more than 12 years since 18-year-old Natalee Holloway vanished from the idyllic Caribbean island of Aruba, but the nation is still captivated by her case. What was supposed to be a trip to celebrate her high school graduation quickly turned tragic for the honor student. Although her body was never found, she was declared legally dead in 2012.

Today, questions still linger about her disappearance, since no one was ever charged in her death. Learn more about Natalee and her family below.

Does Natalee Holloway have siblings?

Natalee’s brother, Matt Holloway, is the only other child of Beth and Dave Holloway, who divorced years before Natalee’s disappearance. Matt was 16 years old when Natalee vanished in 2005. In 2014, Matt welcomed a baby girl named Rylee, the only grandchild of Beth and Dave. “It’s hard to talk about it,” Matt said in an interview with People in 2010.

Was Natalee Holloway a Christian?

Although it’s not clear which religion she practiced, her mother, Beth Holloway, wrote in her book Loving Natalee that her daughter named Jesus Christ as one of the most influential people in her life — a note which was found in a trove of writings in her bedroom.

natalee holloway murder

Who is Joran Van Der Sloot?

Although no one has been charged in Natalee’s disappearance, Joran has been the prime suspect. The Aruba native was the person last seen with Natalee (along with two other local teen boys), and most theories point to him as being involved in her vanishing. One of the most damning clues? His murder of Stephany Flores five years after Natalee’s disappearance. Joran allegedly brutally beat and suffocated her to death in a Peruvian hotel room after she uncovered Natalee Holloway files on his computer. Today, Joran is serving a 28-year jail sentence in Peru for Stephany Flores’ murder.

Was Natalee Holloway cremated?

According to the Oxygen series The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Natalee’s dug-up skeletal remains were mixed with those of a dead dog in an effort to disguise their origin, then taken to a crematory where a man paid $200 to burn them so the ashes could be scattered off the coast of Aruba.

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