From catfishing speculation to standing each other up, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca have had a few ups and downs in their relationship, which have fans begging the question: are they still together? Keep scrolling below for an update on whether they broke up before or after cameras stopped rolling. 

On Sunday, March 20’s episode, Ben and Mahogany dealt with the fallout of him standing her and her parents up for breakfast. During a walk after the meal, her father told her that deserves better than Ben and that he disrespected them both.

While Mahogany’s father initially agreed to meet Ben one on one for a conversation, he ended up being unable to attend, sending his daughter in his stead with a letter telling him why he couldn’t make it.

Ben and Mahogany then have a chance to catch up, and while he admitted that he didn’t “have a problem” with her dad not attending, he said he did not know her parents were coming for breakfast and that he didn’t intend to disrespect them.

90 day fiance are ben and mahogany still together
Courtesy of Ben Rathbun/Instagram

“The one who was a little more upset than them was me more than my dad and my mom,” Mahogany said.

Ben said that since she didn’t respond to his messages where he poured his heart out to her, he didn’t want to show up until she at least responded to him.

“I wanted you to miss me,” the divorced father of four explained. “Why?” she asked, to which he replied, “Because I want to feel wanted.”

In a confessional, Mahogany told producers, “I think it’s so ironic because Benjamin is really [older] than me and he’s so immature right now more than me, and that’s not good for me. I don’t like that.”

After Ben asked if they could work past it, Mahogany said she was confused because she thinks he’s not the same person he was when they were chatting online.

“You didn’t tell me that you don’t get along well with your ex-wife, you didn’t tell me many things and now, I know them so I think that’s different,” she said. “Look, I just came to leave you my father’s letter because he couldn’t attend today. I really didn’t want to come. I don’t want to stay.”

Mahogany left and the following morning, she had already checked out the night before leaving the executive director of the Michigan Lupus Foundation stranded.

Ben, left with no other choice, took a four-hour ride back to San Bartolo that set him back $250.

However, in spite of that, the pair agreed to meet in San Bartolo in a sneak peak for the following episode.

And while there has been a litany of red flags for Ben, including her not picking him up for the airport, telling him she was 24 years old despite being 22 and showing him her apartment that she may have only just temporarily rented, they may still be together.

In February 2022, a reddit user posted a photo of the couple that was snapped after they were spotted walking together at a mall in Lima, the capital city of Peru. The user added, “They seemed to be a couple.”

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