Adrenaline rush! The Dew Tour 2020 brought together the best of the best in skiing and snowboarding for three days, starting on February 6. The athletes did their thing on the slopes at Copper Mountain in Colorado, and in between events, they chatted with In Touch to reveal what goes through their heads while they’re up in the air.

Skiier Nick Goepper and snowboarder Taylor Gold both agreed that “nothing” really crosses their mind while they’re in the zone. Snowboarder Anna Gasser further explained, “I don’t think about anything, it’s kind of freedom.”

But others revealed they had one thought: don’t mess up. “Try to land on my feet,” snowboarder Stale Sandbech said. Skiier Evan McEachran added, “Just kind of, hoping for the best. Hoping that I land.” And snowboarder Jake Pates explained, “Maybe like a little, ‘This is fun,’ or like, ‘Oh s–t.’ I don’t know, something like that.” Snowboarder Julia Marino summed it up, “Just like, hoping that I don’t eat s–t, I guess.”

Snowboarder Louie Vito explained why having the time to think too much while midair is not necessarily a good thing. “You don’t want to be thinking about too much because if you’re thinking about something like, ‘Oh gosh, I hope I land it back in the halfpipe,’ that’s normally a bad sign,” he said. “You just kind of want to be like, just hold on and it goes by pretty fast. You’re doing a lot of stuff in the air, so there’s not time to be really pondering anything. So if I’m thinking about something, it’s not normally a good thing.”

The sports stars also revealed their secrets about how they stay warm during the winter weather at Dew Tour 2020, and they all seemed to agree on one thing: layering key. Watch the video above for more.

Dew Tour 2020 runs from February 6 through February 9 and is free and open to the public. It includes a slew of individual “streetstyle” events and team competitions, and this year’s games took a big step towards inclusivity for female athletes.

“Women are no strangers to the Dew Tour as an integral part of the foundation that make up our event’s heart and soul since the event’s inception,” Courtney Gresik, Vice President and General Manager of Dew Tour, explained. “We are immensely proud to elevate our event to the next level this year with the addition of four new disciplines for these extremely talented women and have no doubt that they will put on an exciting show for the fans as they have always done.”

The entire Winter Dew Tour will be live-streamed on, Facebook Live and YouTube. In addition, NBC will showcase a 90-minute Women of Dew Tour show on February 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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