Today in OMG, I’m never eating at a restaurant ever again news: A vegetarian joint in Bangkok allegedly served human flesh to their customers. Yeah… let’s backtrack, shall we?

Diners at the establishment recently complained that they found minced meat in a dish that was only supposed to contain noodles and vegetables. When authorities went to investigate the claims, they found a far more disturbing reality than they expected.

According to the Irish Mirror, police discovered chunks of human flesh and scalp fragments on the floor and blood spattered on the walls inside the kitchen. Upon further investigation, they realized that the owner was nowhere to be found.

The disfigured body of a man — who was later identified as Prasit Inpathom — was hidden in a nearby septic tank. The 61-year-old reportedly frequented the restaurant and was last seen having drinks there on Oct. 21.  According to Unilad, his body was so badly brutalized from stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head that his family was only able to identify him by his tattoos.

According to friends, Inpathom had become close with the owner after asking him for a job, and the two would regularly be seen laughing and chatting together over drinks. However, after allegedly getting into an argument, authorities now believe the owner killed him and fled.

Police are still on the hunt for the owner, who has apparently been on the run since Inpathom’s body was uncovered on Oct. 24. As for the motive? Authorities aren’t sure whether he cooked the man’s body parts and served them to the public as revenge or as a way to cover up the crime. It is not yet known if anyone actually ate the human flesh.

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