One of the jurors who was part of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial has spoken out about his/her experience, revealing that tensions were high when it was time to decide the 79-year-old’s fate.

The juror — who spoke to ABC News on the condition of anonymity — revealed that there were two jurors who were “not moving, no matter what” that kept the former Cosby Show actor from being found guilty, explaining that 10 of the 12 jurors agreed that Cosby was guilty on two of the three counts; count one was that Cosby had digital penetrated Andrea Constand without her consent and court three was that she was drugged by Cosby without her knowledge.

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The second count, however, that Constand was unconscious or unaware during the incident was voted 11-1 to acquit Cosby.

According to the juror, “there was no budging” from the holdouts — and things got incredible tense inside the tiny deliberations room.

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“People couldn’t even pace,” the juror said. “They were just literally walking in circles where they were standing because they were losing their minds. People would just start crying out of nowhere, we wouldn’t even be talking about [the case] — and people would just start crying.”

The juror told a story of one male juror who punched a concrete wall out of frustration, explained, “I think he broke his pinky knuckle.”

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Cosby’s accuser, Andrea Constand.

“If we kept going, there was definitely going to be a fight,” the juror explained. “They had five sherifff’s deputies at the door and they could hear us and they kept coming in because they thought we were already fighting.”

In another interview, alternative juror Mike McCloskey — who sat in during the trial, but did not get to deliberate — said that he wasn’t surprised the case ended up with a hung jury.

“We had a hard time deciding where to go for dinner,” he said of the “many personalities in the room” to NBC News.

mike mccloskey

Mike McCloskey.

If he had the chance, McCloskey admitted he would’ve voted to convict Cosby.

“I felt like we let Andrea down,” he explained. “I felt like we could have brought justice. But unfortunately being an alternate, I didn’t have a decision in that matter.”

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After the actor’s sexual assault case ended in a mistrial, Gloria Allred, who represents many of the women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault, spoke out and hinted at plans to go to trial again.

“It’s too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby,” she said. “Round two might be just around the corner. And this time, justice may prevail.”

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