It's no secret that Little Women: LA star Christy McGinity Gibel has been through a lot when it comes to her health — and she and her husband, Todd Gibel, just exclusively revealed to In Touch how she is doing these days.

Fans of the Lifetime reality series will remember that Christy underwent spinal surgery and suffered a mini stroke, and she's staying positive while she continues her recovery. Todd explained that "she went through major complications that at the end, no one was expecting."

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"I've gone through major surgery. I'm only talking with one vocal chord right now," she exclusively told In Touch on Friday ahead of the Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat premiere — adding that her "left vocal chord is still paralyzed, so [I'm] still working on that — but other than that, [I] feel great!"

Today, Christy remains focused on her health. She explained that she is "watching what [I] eat, [I] just started Weight Watchers — so we'll see how that works out."

Shortly after her surgery, the reality star shared this photo to Instagram, which seriously concerned her fans.

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"To all my Family, Friends, and adored fans… Thank you for all the prayers. It has been such a rough road for me and for my wonderful husband, daughter, mother, and father who have been taking care of me 24-hour non-stop since my surgery," she captioned the image. "Although spinal surgery is tricky to begin with, this was the first procedure of its type on a little person. I expected to be fully healed by now and back to normal. Sadly that is not the case."

Christy has also since opened up about suffering a stroke after the ordeal and explained, “I am not the same, and may never be. Every day is an uphill battle to do things in my life that I took for granted, like speaking."

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"How can I take care of my family?" she continued. "I am still the mama bear of the house, and expected to run it — sick or not. Am I ever going to be ‘Christy’ again? The constant setbacks really played with my mind. They still do.”

The couple will join their cast mates for Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat, which premieres on July 16 at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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