The autopsies of Shan’ann, Bella, and Celeste Watts have been completed, but there may not be enough DNA evidence for a conviction. On Aug. 15, Shanann’s husband, Christopher Watts, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the deaths of his wife, 34, and their two young daughters. 

On Monday, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office notified the court handling Watts’ case that the autopsies of the three victims had been completed and shared with Watts and his defense team. For now, they are not being released to the public.

Since their completion, however, there are growing concerns that the results may allow Watts to walk free. Bella and Celeste’s bodies were dumped into a tank of oil and left submerged for three days. Meanwhile, the body of his pregnant wife was discovered in a shallow grave near the tanks on a site owned by Watts’ former employer Anadarko Petroleum.

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Last month, it was reported that the 33-year-old murder suspect had been under “Close Watch Protocol” — a term meaning suicide watch — at Weld County Jail. 

“He’s not doing well at all,” a source told People at the time. “The gravity of the situation has hit him like a ton of bricks. Depression is setting in, and he’s despondent.”

Guards were told to check on him every 10-15 minutes and make visual contact with him. He was also physically searched several times per day, and his cell had to be inspected daily to ensure he wasn’t hiding any contraband with which he could harm himself. 

Watts will next appear in court on November 19.

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