An upcoming documentary titled Charles Manson: The Final Words will look in to all aspects of Charles Manson’s life — not only as a criminal, but also as a cult leader. Ahead of the upcoming documentary, Ben Gurecki, long-time friend of the mass killer, revealed what he said in their final phone call before Manson’s death at age 83.

According to The Sun, in Manson’s final moments of the call — made on Nov. 12, shortly before a hospitalization that eventually lead to his death — the cult leader told his friend, “Gone in the sky, the dead but never die.” After the eerie quote, he told his pal that he has “love for all,” before the call was cut out by the prison where he has been for nearly 30 years.

“Not yet found just a dream of hearsay. Who’s, what’s, for what? We each can make up our own dreams with the storyline as soon as we are nowhere we can change,” the alleged full transcript states. “As soon as I get up, out, around me will become a team. The beast, a priest, midnight, am not as much as all. Nothing with everyone and everything over and gone to start backwards again and again to nowhere and nothing again. To where you know it all as forever and some more, nothing again to where you know it all as forever and some more. Loe for all. You are or could maybe and more. Not at…”

While the documentary mentioned his “final words” in the title of the film, TMZ reports that much of the Rob Zombie-narrated doc will focus on his early life and will present a “new theory” behind why the murders happened. Manson was also actively involved in the production of the film and made countless phone calls to the crew from prison (where he was sentenced to life) that offer information about his “family” from his own perspective.

Charles Manson: The Final Words will air Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on REELZ

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