She said see you later boy! Chanel West Coast took to her Instagram comments to clap back at a troll who said they preferred her old Fantasy Factory style on Monday, March 23. The 31-year-old was not going to stand for any shade thrown at her vibe.

“I don’t know you personally, but I liked you more when you were a skater girl,” the troll wrote on Chanel’s post announcing her new song “Secure the Bag.” In response, Chanel replied, “I still am LMAO.”

Courtesy of Chanel West Coast

Chanel often takes to her Instagram comments to clap back at her haters. The beauty said online trolls make the best “fuel” to drive her creativity and motivate her in an exclusive interview with In Touch on March 19.

“So, it’s like you think you’re doing a disservice to this person. You think you’re hurting their feelings, but there’s a reason why this person is in the position for you to be leaving a comment on their page,” the Ridiculousness star explained. “It’s because they were the type of person that every time somebody did exactly what you’re doing, they progressed even more and worked harder.”

The rapper also admitted she isn’t a stranger to criticism and dealing with naysayers has been a constant theme for her. “That’s how I’ve been my whole life. I mean, since I was young, like when I first started telling kids in high school I’m going to be a rapper,” she continued, “You know how many of my friends laughed at me? Not sure why, I was on a hip hop dance team, orchestra, drill team, cheerleading. It’s like, it wasn’t so uncommon for me.”

Despite what her haters say, Chanel knows she has the moxie to impact the music world. “I always knew in my heart, I’m like, ‘I don’t think it matters when my skin color is like, I’ve never looked at anybody and judged them by their skin color.’ I was like, ‘Who cares? I’m gonna go for it.’ And every person along the way that laughed at me and poked at me and made it harder for me to accept my dreams — pushed me.”


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