They’re finally back! The Little Couple has made its way back to TLC. And as people have been anxiously awaiting their return to reality TV, they’ve been left with some questions. Like, we all know Bill Klein is a businessman, but what is his business?

A self-proclaimed “entrepreneur & inventor” according to his Twitter bio, Dr. Jen Arnold’s hubby certainly keeps himself busy when he’s off camera! According to his bio on the couple’s site, his most recent business venture comes in the form of Rocky & Maggie’s, a pet store named after the family’s dogs. They not only sell online at, but there is also a storefront in Houston, TX. And the do-gooders that they are, the famous couple is always sure to give back, giving some proceeds to local rescues.

Besides the pet supply, Bill and wife Jen co-founded Candu Enterprises, also based in Houston. Candu is a media-related company that offers public speaking and philanthropic appearances in the fight against bullying in schools.

Of course, Bill’s greatest accomplishment comes in the form of fatherhood. He is totally in love with his kids, 7-year-old Will and 5-year-old Zoey. “I remember a time before Will and Zoey. I never really understood what parenthood was really all about,” he has said on the show. “But when I wasn’t a parent, I could never envision having that sort of relationship with a child where I enjoy and hang on every word and everything they do. It’s been a remarkable journey so far.” Well, clearly, between his businesses and his family life, Bill has his hands full!

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